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Staying Home: From Full-Time Professional to Full-Time Parent

Staying Home: From Full-Time Professional to Full-Time Parent


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This practical guide helps women through the emotional transition from working-world career to stay-at-home parent. Seasoned with plenty of practical advice, this reassuring guide explores every facet of the transition, from making the decision to feeling comfortable at home.

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Excellent book for professionals considering staying at home

This book was incredible. I am an attorney, with a two year old daughter and I am due with our second child in a few months. I have been working full-time since my daughter was born and have found it difficult to juggle my career and family life. When I found out I was pregnant with our second child, I was happy, but terrified as to how this would further impact my ability to continue with my career. I have been an attorney for five years, but I worked full-time and went to law school at night before I became an attorney. I have worked very hard to attain my professional goals and would not have thought of giving up my career when I had kids, until recently. I thought that women could have it all, kids and career, but I have found that, at least for me personally, I didn't feel like I was able to give 100% to either. This book really helped me to do some soul searching. It is based on a study of professional women who have chosen to stay home for a few years or indefinitely. It helped me to realize that while I love my job (and the income), it is okay (and, yes even normal) that my priorities have changed since becoming a mother. It was reassuring to know that I am not alone, and that other professional women have faced the same issues. Since reading this book, which I have now read twice in the last few weeks - the second time highlighting insightful sections/ideas - I have resigned from my firm and my last day will be shortly before my second child is born. This was one of the hardest decisions I have ever made. This book was invaluable in helping me to work though the psychological issues about staying home - such as loss of identity, loss of self worth and independence - which scared me even more than the financial implications. The book inspired me to make the decision to stay home, offered helpful suggestions on how to validate myself once I am home and emphasized the importance of discussing key issues with my husband BEFOREHAND to ensure that he and I are on the same page and that I have his full support. This book helped me to cope with the feeling that I was "giving up" my career and all that I have worked for. I know that it will be a difficult adjustment to be a stay at home mom, but I feel quite sure that I have made the best choice for myself and for my family. This book also helped me to realize that, as a professional, I can always go back to my career later, but that I can never get these years back with my daughter or my future child(ren). The book offers an unbiased approach to helping women focus on whether or not staying home is the right thing for them and their families. I liked the fact that this book provides the pros and cons to making the decision to stay home instead of preaching one way or another. I would recommend this book to anyone who values her career, income, etc. but who, since having kids, has had a shift in priorities and may need some support in making the decision to stay home.

A Guide For Every Woman Considering Motherhood

In Staying Home, authors Darcie Sanders and Martha M. Bullen have taken a wealth of surveys, statistics, anecdotal evidence, and plain old common sense to put together a guide that every woman considering motherhood should read cover to cover.What can a professional woman expect her life to be like after she's ditched the 9-to-5 world and become a stay-at-home mother? The transition will effect every aspect of her life, from relationships with husband, family and friends, to her own self-image and loss of professional identity. Other women may question the stay-at-home mother's choice and offer little support for her decision. But it isn't a bleak picture the authors have painted - on the contrary, the choice to become a full-time parent can be a liberating one. There are plenty of support groups and chances for mothers to network. This book goes the extra mile in giving women vital information to make intelligent and meaningful decisions in regard to themselves and their children's best interests. I wish I could have read this book about fifteen years ago, before I became a mom!

Buy this if you are thinking of being a full time parent!

I left my job to be a full time mom to my daughter, who is now 10 months old. Even though I love being with my daughter and KNOW I am doing the right thing for us, I have felt moments of self doubt.. After reading this book and taking it to heart, I have the confidence to face the world and be proud of my decision. The authors have even included a section on how to address the once dreaded "what do you do?" question - now I can answer with pride instead of hesitation! They also address other important issues, such as how to avoid isolation and transferring work skills to life at home with kids (and vice versa if you decide to return to the workforce later).

It's good to know you are not alone ...

After weighing the options,I decided become a full-time mother to my 18-month old daughter. I received much encouragement from career-minded women that I was doing something that I would not regret ... and I do believe that. However, very few people talk of the difficulties in adjusting to at-home life after being successful in the competitive business world. Are you wasting your education? Becoming too dependent on someone else? Depriving your child of certain things due to a decrease in household income? Putting too much stress on your partner being the sole bread winner? Too many questions that I thought I was the only one grappling with. I'm not much on self-help books, but this book made me realize my concerns are being felt by most other women making this transition. I read this book after leaving my job, but I highly recommend it for anyone even thinking about the possibility of at-home motherhood. I know I made the right decision. This book simply affirms it!

A terrific resource for women considering at-home mothering.

Staying Home is a phenomenal resource for women considering at-home mothering. It addresses issues of living on one income, relationships between friends, relatives, and the 'outside world,' and how to reaffirm your decision and be happy with yourself. The authors have great insight into women and their feelings in adjusting to the at-home world. This book also has a great reference list of organizations that can help you create a network of friends during your years at home. I would definitely give this book five stars.

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