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START EXPLORING(tm) Gray's Anatomy - A Fact-Filled Coloring Book

START EXPLORING(tm) Gray's Anatomy - A Fact-Filled Coloring Book


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Winner: Parents' Choice "Doing and Learning" Award Embark on a voyage of discovery through the human body, based on the classic work by Henry Gray. Children and adults will enjoy learning about the various systems of the body and their particular functions. Then they can get creative, coloring in the detailed illustrations of those systems.

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A wonderful introduction to anatomy

My brother bought this for my 3 year old daughter for Christmas, and she loves it more than any of her other coloring books. Although, yes, it is geared towards an older child, anyone who is interested in the design of the human body would benefit from this great coloring book. I, myself, have learned quite a bit just from guiding my daughter while she colors. The pages are all very detailed, yet the labeling is easy to read and understand.

Great Learning Resource

This is a great learning resources. More pages to fill out than I have time for.

A Great reinforcer of previously learned lessons...

I was advised by a homeschooling guide to buy this book for my science classes some time ago. I am pleased to say that I did not regret the decision I made to purchase it, as this is an excellent book! At first, I was surprised that a coloring book would be recommended as an educational tool for a first year high school student, but it was actually very helpful to me. Once I was finished completing it, I was delighted to see how vivid and realistic the illustrations became. So delighted that I bought a copy for my younger siblings to try (aged 7-10). Unfortunately they found it a little too daunting, so I'd have to say that it's not the best book for a ten year old or younger. However, if you're looking for a challenging, educational book for a student aged eleven or up, then you should try this one. You might even find yourself picking up a marker and coloring with him.

This is an excellent book.

I am a homeschooler...and this book is for me!! I learn right along with my children!!!! I recommend it for anyone and everyone.

A great, enjoyable teaching tool for all ages.

I teach children ages 11-16. Some are special education students and others are gifted. I wanted a life science curriculum that would be highly motivational, easy to understand and would teach the real names and concepts. I, myself, do not have a strong scienc background. i knew I would be learning along with my students. Truth is, I purchased three anatomy coloring books, but only this one did the trick. It appeals to the kids, has clearer drawings and more simplified text with catchy sub-headings than the other texts I tried. It is also geared for real learning and introduces concepts as well as vocabulary about human anatomy. I highly recommend this text for beginners. It can be used as independent work or even, just-for-fun, free-time work in the classroom or at home.

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