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The bestselling author of Gettin' Buck Wild and The Sisters of APF gives new meaning to the term "office party" in this exhilarating and boldly erotic novel about the passion of business -- and the business of passion. Most corporations hand out bonus checks or gift certificates for Christmas, but Wolfe Industries hands out drama. Skyscraper chronicles the week before the annual Christmas party at Wolfe Industries, an African American-owned automobile manufacturer. The week leading up to the Wolfe Industries annual Christmas party is unforgettable, as the lives of four people who have barely interacted with one another in the past begin to cross paths in the most disturbing ways. By the time the party is over, they will be lucky if the skyscraper is still standing.

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Zane is the best

Zane is just off the chain. That is all I can say. I love everything she writes. This book was entertaining and a good easy read. Its hard to tell about the book without giving to much away. I hate when people give away the book in their reviews! I don't know how Zane took such a simple plot of four employees of Wolfe and made it so interesting and exciting. Zetta is off the chain. Diana can't get trying to get over losing her man years ago, Tomalis is rich and poor at the same time, Chico is seduced by the boss' wife, some employees are trying to sleep their way ahead,.......Like I said, Zane is just bad. It is so much drama leading up to the Christmas party. I am a fan of her erotic stories, but the story is good without the sex. She is so funny,and the story unfolds like you would not believe. I read the book in 2 days. I love when I get a book that I can get into to the point where I don't want to stop reading. I hate reading those books that I have to push myself to finish. Zane is my favorite!

You go, girl!!!!!!

This is definitely my favorite book by Zane. The office setup made it that much more interesting. The characters are well-rounded and clearly defined. I read this book in 2 days. I definitely enjoyed it more than Nervous, even more than Addicted. I can tell Zane took her time with this novel. It is intricately woven and depicts a very realistic lifestyle. Zane, you have done it again, girl. I give you your props! Hurry up and write another one!!!

Can you say "No More Drama?

Zane has done it again. She has written a drama-filled novel with a whole bunch of colorful characters that you would not want to forget. With all the mess going on you wouldn't believe that this novel spans the course of one short week!Zane's, Skyscraper was a page-turner from beginning to end, with well-rounded characters. The novel recounts the drama that unfolds at the Wolfe Industries corporate offices the week building up to the mega company party of the year, The Annual Christmas Party. Everything that you could possibly think of unfolds throughout this novel. The story is told from the eyes of four main characters. First we have Chico. 19 years old, fresh out of high school and just knows he has a handle on life until he gets caught up with Zetta Wolfe. And she is determined to teach him what being a man is all about. Then there is Diane the frustrated Executive Assistant to Bradford. She is raising twin 13-year-old boys on her own. Trying to get over the hurt that their father caused, she is determined to keep men out of her life. She is pretty successful doing that until she meets Edmond, the parking attendant that turns out to have more skills then she bargained for. Then there is Anastasia, one of the many typists in the secretarial pool. She is determined to move onto greater things, but is going about it one bed at a time. Can we say no more? Last, but not least, there is Tomalis Wolfe, owner and founder of Wolfe Industries. Tomalis is a very strong character that kept everyone else on his or her toes and let everyone know that every hoochie will have her day. If he had anything to say about it. Readincolor ReviewersCynthia

Have a Merry Christmas?

Tomalis Wolfe, CEO of Wolfe Industries has everything his heart desires: a healthy best friend, beautiful wife, plenty of money, successful children, and honest, hardworking, loyal employees - or does he?With the holiday season and annual company Christmas party fast approaching, Wolfe Industries is far from being full of Christmas cheer. Zetta, the wife of the CEO, gets her kicks finding new acquisitions; or should I say men to occupy her time. Anastasia and Shakia, secretaries in the assistants' pool, offer more than just office services to clients of Wolfe Industries. Being guided by the right-hand man, Bradford, their pockets are definitely being laced with more than a meager salary. Diana, Bradford's assistant, would like nothing more than for Bradford to crawl back under the rock from whence he came. Constantly being sexually harassed by him is getting to be a little bit more than she can take.With all of this hoopla, can things get any wilder? Tomalis grieves over information he receives from his best friend, realizes that he wants out of his marriage, and finds out that his children are deeply disturbed. What next? It's true what they say about the tables being turned. As all the back-stabbers plot to hurt Tomalis, the annual Christmas party dishes a healthy dose of laughter upon them all...Christmas this year was done up right - Zane style. With all the right doses of drama, erotica, love, and laughter, readers can only expect the best from this present. The additional gifts don't hurt either; Zane adds spice to everyone's lives with her added bonus section. What's in it? You'll have to unwrap those specialties yourself to see...Reviewed by T. Belinda Williamsof The RAWSISTAZ Reviewers

She Does It Again

Now we as readers have come to expect a certain amount of talent from Zane, and in Skyscraper she DOES NOT LET US DOWN!! Zane writes with the same style and enthusiasm that drew us in, captured, and has had a tight hold on our support since book one!! Skyscraper is a FANtastic read!!!

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