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Projections 10: Hollywood Film-Makers on Film-Making (Projections)

ISBN: 0571193579

Language: English

Publisher: Faber & Faber

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Projections 10: Hollywood Film-Makers on Film-Making (Projections)


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Figgis went to Los Angeles in late 1998 to document the mores of the Hollywood dream factory. The format is a series of taped conversations with film makers, directors, actors, writers, managers and agents. What emerges is a fairly dark image of an industry where money does more than talk.

Customer Reviews of Projections 10: Hollywood Film-Makers on Film-Making (Projections)

A Clear Picture of the Movie Industry

This book clearly provides insight into the industry of self-absorption. While like many I am fascinated by the movie business, I was unsurprised to discover that the movie industry is equally fascinated by itself. Just once, it would be interesting to hear a member of the business relate to another person, business, issue - whatever. I will not say that I was not fascinated by the topics discussed at length in this book, but I also could not help being disappointed by the me - me - me quality of some of the interviews. Those interviewed that were absorbed by the telling of a story, by the weaving and creation of an idea or the communication of a thought seem to me to be more true to a craft and to themselves than the others who need to be part of an industry that they hope will simply create a vehicle to market their own self-absorption. While I am aware that this book is comprised of interviews with individuals striving to be truthful and forthcoming - and some of them were quite poignant like the Stallone interview or brutally honest like the Kaye interview, it still felt like they could not relate in a way that is balanced.

Figgis does a good job, I can see why he is so fascinated by the Industry. How could anyone not be?

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