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Play Better Baseball : Winning Techniques and Strategies for Coaches and Players

Play Better Baseball : Winning Techniques and Strategies for Coaches and Players


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This straightforward, easy-to-understand book helps prepare coaches and players to meet the challenges of tough competition. New revised, Play Better Baseball is the state-of-the-art source for baseball fundamentals and mechanics, illustrated with hundreds of photographs and accompanied by helpful new drills. Based on actual team situations drawn from author Bob Cluck's 20-plus years of coaching, this reader-friendly handbook emphasizes the fundamentals that produce winning baseball teams and offers a wealth of advice on: Coaching baseball at all levels Developing winning players Using videotape and high-speed film Using practice time efficiently The psychology of coaching Pitching: the foundation of every team Pitching mechanics The pitches: Tools to get hitters out Setting up hitters: The game within a game First-pitch strikes, from Little League to the Majors Playing the infield Using the right glove Throwing with strength and accuracy The game situation and positioning Fielding mechanics for infielders The catcher: team leader The tag at home Blocking pitches in the dirt Pop-ups, bunts, and cutoffs Helping the pitcher get hitters out Playing the outfield Backing up plays Throwing from the outfield Balls hit in the gaps Outfield positioning Playing the sun Baserunning The steal and the hit-and-run Effective and safe sliding techniques Running the bases Hitting Bats and grips Stances Stride and weight transfer Tracking the ball Bunting Situational hitting The playbook Defensive assignments Infield pop flies Bunt defenses The athletic machine Weight training for baseball players Conditioning for baseball Bob Cluck is a major league pitching coach and scout and the founder of the San Diego School of Baseball.

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A Must Have for Youth Baseball Coaches

This book, even in the oldest version, covers all the basics for every player position as well as just about any situation you would confront during a game. No tricks, just solid information. I have purchased about two dozen of these for coaches and players who glanced through the book and simply had to have a copy of their own. I've bought other baseball coaching books, but they stay on the shelf. This book is especially good if you're coaching for the first time or have been away from the game for a few years.

play better baseball By Bob Cluck

My nephew was having trouble keeping up with the league he was in. After a few weeks reading and working with this lifesaving book he is amuch better player, most of all his self esteem! Now he is such a HAPPY GUY! Now our whole league is using this as their Bible for the game Thank you

A must-have for all players and coaches!

Cluck shows his expertise as he teaches players and coaches how to succeed in baseball. The best thing about this book is that it can help players of all ages and positions: pitchers, catchers, infielders, and outfielders. For players and coaches at all levels, this is a very helpful guide to the greatest game on the planet.

Excellant all around guide for Coaches

A must read for all Coaches. Bob covers all the aspects of instruction, most appealing are the chapeters on hitting and pitching mechanics and the fielding diagrams. Even though you may have been invloved with baseball for years, you will find information that will help your team.

Coaches Must Have !!!

If you are doing Little Leauge this is the one book you must get, the pitching information in this book has moved my team to first place with the development of four pitchers that have two and three pitchs that work great. Pitching is the key to winning games at the Minor and major levels. My fielders are doing great with the fielding drills in this book. This book has me and my team I am sure it can help yours.

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