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Neutron Solstice

Neutron Solstice


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A generation after a global nuclear war, Louisiana is a fetid, sullen landscape of impenetrable swamps and grotesquely mutated wildlife. Above the gnarled bayous, radioactive red dust clouds race across the sky on nuclear winds; below, thick mud sucks at a man's boots. Now and then a biting acid rain falls, swept in on the boiling winds from the Gulf. In the reeking swampland that was the Mississippi basin, neutron bombs have left barren cityscapes the terrirories of small groups of bitterly opposed survivors. Ryan Cawdor and his companions Krysty Wroth and J.B. Dix come upon one such group who are striving to revive life on earth the way it was before the bombs fell. But they're up against a postholocaust feudal lord who's just as determined to wipe them out. In the Deathlands, the world blew out in 2001. GraphicAudio...A Movie in Your Mind is a unique audio entertainment experience that features a full cast of actors, sound effects and cinematic music. Publisher's Weekly says "Graphic Audio delivers an action and sound effect loaded audiobook that lives up to its tagline, A movie in your mind." Audiofile Magazine says, GraphicAudio sets the gold standard for full-cast dramatizations, and new listeners will become instant fans.

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Very Good

Here Ryan and his gang meet the albino Jak Laren for the first time. Jak wants their help in overthowing the local baron that is opessing the people(Aren't they always?) While this book is like any other deathlands book(highly addictive) it does introduce a new charecter that is with the dedicated Deathlands reader to the present day.

My Favorite Deathlands Book

This was my first and favorite Deathlands book. It takes away some unimportant main charecters and introduces important main charecters. It was the hardest to put down book I have ever read!

BOOM. You are all dead, but everything else is the same.

Using the gateways the adventuring protaganists once again landin the middle of the unknown. They have landed in the Bayou. Thisbook like many Deathlands novels includes an evil baron, a righteous few, and enough action to spin your head. Axler has done an incredible job explaining the story line even if you haven't read the previous books. Though after reading this one you might want to read them.

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