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Holy Bible: King James Version

Holy Bible: King James Version


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The life-changing power of God's Word has never been more affordable! This attractive, paperback edition of the Holy Bible (King James Version) includes both the Old and New Testaments--the complete text of Scripture--plus a special page that clearly explains God's plan of salvation through faith in Christ. This Barbour Bargain Book edition is ideal for quantity purchases for churches, schools, and ministry outreach. Bob.

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Readable Bible

This is a good readable bible. Its very easy to understand. It doesnt have the wording to be a proper study bible but for a daily reader its cool. I use it regularly for morning reading and it holds up. I havent had time to put it though the paces but it looks as if its not too well built and with travel like I do frequently you might need something to hold it in or it will get damaged easily. Other than that no complaints so far.

"A Must Have!"

This is one of the greatest and oldest stories in the world that will always have you wanting more due to all of the moral stories within. If your feeling bad or just want a bit of enlightenment, then I suggest that you get this literature, you won't be sorry.

The bible and nothing else

This is the plainest bible I ever saw. Other than two black and white maps at the end, this bible contains nothing besides the bible text itself. There are absolutely no footnotes of any type. It is a black letter edition. There are no section headings. Words added by translators are in italics. This is a black hardcover bible, one which stays open by itself when opened on a desk. Inner margins are wide enough so that inner text is easily read. The font size is typical for bibles. The one problem is bleed through. This bible has about the average amount. I can see not only the page I am reading, but the page on the other side. The page is thick enough that it is difficult to read the underlying page through blank spots on the current page. This bible is definitely readable even with the bleed through, especially if the page is held up while reading it in order to cut bleed through.


This is my favorite edition of the Bible... The way the lessons are carefully placed throughout the Scripture provide wonderful inspiration that is pertinent to daily life... This Bible has seen me through some very hard trials and has helped me in ways that no other book or Bible Translation ever has. Thank You Rev. Jakes for being such a profound conduit of the Holy Spirit !!

Great Translation

The RSV was the English version I grew up on in the church. It was the one we used in theological school. I've used it all my life.I still use it for preaching, teaching, devotional reading andstudy for sermons. I love it. The RSV retains a lot of thesame literary sound and flow of the KJV with a better, moreaccurate translation of the Hebrew and Greek. I like the NRSV,but not as much as the RSV. I have this edition of the RSV inpaperback. The NT is not the updated RSV (1971) NT, which isa weakness of this edition, but this is still a worthy additionto your library. This is especially true since the RSV can bevery difficult to find. I suggest that if you are having a hardtime finding the RSV you might want to purchase the EnglishStandard Version. I do use this paperback Bible and enjoy reading from it for my devotions. In my opinion the RSV is a treasure not to be lost!!The best thing you can do is buy this edition or the Cambridgeedition of the RSV that has the second edition of the NT and thenbuy the NASB and ESV. Let these translations in the great tradition of Tyndale/KJV shape your Bible study. Then use othersto supplement your reading and study. The RSV is still availablebut not easy to find. Blessed reading!!

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