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More than Enough: The Ten Keys to Changing Your Financial Destiny

ISBN: 0142000477

Language: English

Publisher: Penguin Books

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More than Enough: The Ten Keys to Changing Your Financial Destiny


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In his first bestseller, Financial Peace, Dave Ramsey taught us how to eliminate debt from our lives. Now in More Than Enough, he gives us the keys to building wealth while also creating a successful, united family. Drawing from his years of work with thousands of families and corporate employees, Ramsey presents the ten keys that guarantee family and financial peace, including: values, goals, patience, discipline, and giving back to one's community. Using these essential steps anyone can create prosperity, live debt-free, and achieve marital bliss around the issue of finances. Filled with stories of couples, single men and women, children, and single parents, More Than Enough will show you: How to create a budget that fits your income and creates wealth What finances and romance have to do with one another What role values play in your financial life How to retire wealthy in every way And much, much more Resonating with Ramsey's down-home, folksy voice, heartwarming case histories, inspiring insights, quotations from the Bible, and exercises, quizzes, and worksheets, More Than Enough provides an inspiring wealth-building guide and a life-changing blueprint for a vital family dynamic.

Customer Reviews of More than Enough: The Ten Keys to Changing Your Financial Destiny

Very very good reading

I've read Dave Ramsey's other books and I think this book is worth reeading even if you've already read the others. This one I felt focused a little more on the foundations of character, values, patience, and discipline. It contains the best description of 'diligence' I've ever seen.

Highly recommended for those interested in taking a hard look at not just their debt to income ratio, but also a hard look at themselves and their values.

Where debt is dumb, cash is king....

Dave Ramsey is the financial guru on the radio, and most recently, Fox Business Network on cable TV, who touts an old-fashioned, commonsense philosophy regarding money and finances. He starts off his radio show each day by saying it's where "debt is dumb, cash is king and the paid-off mortgage replaces the BMW in the driveway as the status symbol of choice."
Ramsey's book, like his shows, offers Americans a glimpse into an alternate universe. Instead of being saddled with thousands of dollars of credit card debt, new car payments, house payments and the like -- and staying awake all night wondering how to pay the bills -- it's possible to be DEBT FREE!
Indeed, as the other Good Book (the Bible, not Ramsey's)says, "The borrower is slave to the lender."
Ramsey is not offering some unproven pie in the sky platitudes.He's really been there. As a young man, he was riding high in the real estate business until he wiped out. Everything came crashing down and he lost it all. He's since made it all back the old-fashioned way -- by working hard and paying cash. He shows you how you can do this, too.
In this era of mortgage meltdowns and foreclosure fever, Ramsey has the cure. Cut up the credit cards, work hard to pay them off and eliminiate frivolities (restaurant meals, etc.) until you're debt free. You "live like no one else so in the future you can live like no one else." He gives you the steps to follow to get creditors off your back, get out of the red and into a better financial life. Many of his followers are debt free except for their (15 year fixed) mortgage; others are completely debt free including the mortgage.All are well on the way to having a wealthy life.
In this book, Ramsey shows you how to climb out of the money pit you've dug for yourself so you can have "more than enough" of everything. Highly recommended advice!

Must-read for anyone, great perspective on money and more

In this book Dave really drives it home - it's all about values, integrity, honesty and money is just an indicator of those. It taught me a lot on how it really works and it does, you can have more than enough! Go get it!

Must read if you don't have MORE THAN ENOUGH

Dave's teaching is practical and common sense. If you follow his plan you will have peace and prosparity. His simple teaching may be scoffed at because it seems common sense, however most people don't follow this and they suffer. I hope you'll read it for your benefit. If you want to have more than enough in your financies and in your life, then read this book.

Life Changing!

This book is life changing. For people with financial wisdom it may be yeah, I know that. But for those of us that missed the lessons not taught on financial management in school or by our parents this book is wonderful. It is an outstanding gift for new college graduates and newlyweds. I love it and have already given it as a gift a half dozen times within a month of completing the book. It helps couples talk about their disconnects on managing the household income in a self mocking way. It also helps eliminate some of the stress around money when you truly recognize it's purpose.

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