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A masterpiece of storytelling and symbolic realism, this thrilling adventure and epic saga pits Ahab, a brooding sea captain, against the great white whale that crippled him. More than just the tale o

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Whaling Classic with Modern Implications

Herman Melville, the author, shares many witty and serious insights about life and the foibles of human actions and beliefs in Moby Dick. It is not just about whaling, but a commentary in general about humanity. The description of whaling processes give the reader an insight into not only the methods of whaling, but the cruelty and savagery of killing such beautiful creatures. Even a person such as myself, who is against any whaling in this day and age, can appreciate Melville's commentary about whales, their personalities, their rights as fellow creatures to live on this planet!

Great fishing tales

Better than Babe Winkleman. This guy knows how to write about a fishing trip. SPOILER ALERT!!: Kinda thought he would have landed that big one in the end...

I May Be Biased But...

Readers say it's far too long, the cetacean history is tedious, who the heck cares how to best prep a harpoon line? Well if you're one of those folks who likes a good harpoon-prep scene, you're in for a treat. If not, you might learn something, and, failing that, the singular dexterity with which the author lays the words on the page will not only awe you but carry you into the very whale boat. You will feel in your guts the rush of the sleigh ride, you will breathe the sea air and taste the mist, you will feel the salt hardening on your hands and face. Don't like any of that? Unless there's no place you'd rather be than your rocker, this is escapism as good as it comes. And don't even get me started on timeless themes, unforgettable characters and a plot as fine as they come....

Worth the effort

Yes this is not for the faint of heart...tough sledding at times but the reward of allowing Melville's poetry to seep into your soul makes it well worth it. I read this in my 20's and didn't get it. Reading it again 20 years later I found the prose to be less dense and the story stands on it's own as one of the greatest. Forget the symbolism and enjoy the ride.

Well rounded but a little intense

The book has to be good to be considerd a litterary classic. Melvilles book about the obssesive Ahab, the Harpooner Quequay, the former teacher Ishimial and the White Whale is an excelent read but it may be too intense for younger readers. The hellish obssesion of Ahab may be a bit to much for some children. With all of that being said I do think that everyone at some time must read this it is a work of art.

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