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Mitford Years New Song Unabridged

Mitford Years New Song Unabridged


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As if being a priest in this day and age isn't difficult enough, try shepherding two parishes, located hundreds of miles apart, at the same time. A predicament of biblical proportions indeed, but one the indomitable Father Tim Kavanaugh and his cheerful wife, Cynthia, can handle, with a little help from the Lord--not to mention their friends--in Jan Karon's A New Song, the fifth installment in her much-loved Mitford series. When asked to act as interim minister for a tiny island parish in North Carolina's Outer Banks, the recently retired Father heeds the call, all the while trusting in a divine master plan: "He had prayed that God would send him wherever He pleased, and when his bishop presented the idea of Whitecap, he knew it wasn't his bishop's bright idea at all, but God's." From the more routine duties of settling into a new church to dealing with a number of deeper domestic issues--including a single mother's spiral into depression and a reclusive next door neighbor in need of kindness--Father Tim's new parish presents a welcome challenge. All the while, of course, the folks back home keep him informed of goings-on in Mitford--the biggest being the recent arrest of Dooley Barlowe, a mountain boy whom Father Tim had taken into his home and heart five years earlier. As in past Mitford episodes, things have a way of working themselves out, but not before Father Tim and his accompanying cast learn a few more valuable lessons about life. Full of the homey atmosphere and heartwarming truths--not to mention the endearingly quirky characters--that are Karon's trademark, A New Song is a delightful celebration of the communal ties that bind. --Stefanie Hargreaves

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A wonderful book and series

I just finished reading "A New Song," and actually finished up the entire Mitford series in sequence. I received the first two books for Christmas and ended up getting the other three for myself because I liked the first two so much! I was hooked on this series from the first chapter. Father Tim, Cynthia, and the entire towns of Mitford (and Whitecap Island in "A New Song") captured my heart. I love Father Tim's ability to get involved with this parishioner's lives and Cynthia's spunk and sense of humor. Even the pets (Barnabas and Violet) were well-drawn in this series, and Dooley Barlowe was a delight!Whitecap Island isn't Mitford; however, and I did miss the fact this book wasn't set in Mitford. However, with phone calls and issues of the "Mitford Muse" I was able to stay in touch with the home folks of Mitford right along with Father Tim! I loved the way Junior's, Morris', and the Tolsons' problems were resolved in this book. And these are just a few of the unforgettable characters Ms. Karon has created -- all her books are full of them.I was truly sorry to turn the last page and finish this book (and the series). I can't wait for "A Common Life" to come out in April! I'll definitely be buying it, and I'll definitely revisit the "Mitford" series, because once isn't enough to read this wonderful set of books. What a refreshing change they were, and what a wonderful way to spend the winter!Here's hoping Jan Karon continues to add many more books to this series. Since "A Common Life" backtracks a little bit, I'm still wondering if Dooley's two lost brothers will be found, and I'm curious about what Helene Pringle will end up doing. And what WAS in that ivory envelope Father Tim gave her?Keep them coming, Ms. Karon!

White Cap Island here I come

This book was recommended by a friend and from the first page I was hooked. I moved right along with the rector and his wife and loved their new parish and missed their old one even though I hadn't met the folks in Mitford. I felt like I had been a part of their lives since the beginning. Ms. Karon draws you into the goings on and by the books end you want to know more about your friends.

Homesick for Mitford

Having always been a homebody, I identified right away with Father Tim & Cynthia when they left their precious Mitford to go to Whitecap. What an adventure they had. I enjoyed every sentence of this book. Are there really people like Father Tim and Cynthia in this world? How I wish I could be their friend and neighbor. I gleaned scriptural knowledge and human knowledge from all of Jan's Mitford books. The ending of"A New Song" has me baffled indeed. Who is the man in the pearly white shirt? Could it be an angel perhaps? I will sit and sleep restlessly waiting for Jan's next book.

A real delight....

A New Song continues the delightful travel through the rest of their lives of Fr. Tim and Cynthia Kavanaugh. Those who think that the cryptic ending indicates that Fr. Tim has gone home to the Lord are in error. At least the author says so in several interviews I have read. "Why would I do that?", she asks. The next book is to be the story of their wedding. This was passed over rather quickly in an earlier book, but now we will get to attend. Moving to the coast of N. Carolina from the mountains to be the interim priest at St. John's, Fr. Tim find a church and a community much in need of him and God's healing grace. I won't detail all of the new characters or what has happened to some of the Mitford people. Buy it, enyoy it, and savor the wisdom and insight that it contains.

Another excellent story by Karon

The Mitford books, and now a Whitecap book, have been a surprising and wonderful stroll through a different layer of life than most people experience -- or at least take note of. A New Song continues a great tradition. Everybody knew from the beginning who took the bronze statue, but it was a very moving chapter when it was resolved, even if one is a little dumbfounded that Fr. Tim didn't figure out who took it. My questions: So is it in bk 6 or 7 that Lace and Dooley make it to the altar? Will Dooley's birth father be there? Will Buck punch him out? Will Morris be the organist? Will Fr. Tim be there, or will he (or Cynthia) have gone home (could we stand the poignancy)? Thanks for the great and fresh spiritual writing, Jan Karon. And thanks even more to my own mother, for sharing this series with me.

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