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Michelle Kwan: Heart of a Champion : An Autobiography

Michelle Kwan: Heart of a Champion : An Autobiography


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At sixteen, Californian Michelle Kwan claimed the women's World Champion crown. A bright and appealing role model for kids and adults alike, her story is one of hard work and true achievement.

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A Wonderful book!

Anyway, this is a great book and Michelle has a GREAT attude about life. "Work hard, be yourself, have fun" is her motto. She really lives by it too. She knows how to take life and make the most out of it. She may have lost in 1998, but her attude about getting the silver really proves she has the heart of a champion.

A must-read for any competitive athlete!

Michelle's book is a wonderful autobiography of the young skater who has dazzled the world with both her amazing skating skills and her gracious sportsmanship. It is a must-read for any competitive athlete, in any sport. Michelle's story of her love for skating and her maturity in handling defeat in the 1997 season and at the 1998 Olympics is truly inspiring.

Nice book

This book is very sweet. No fluff like Triumph on Ice. It shows how MK dedicates herself.

Captivating and compelling biography of a champion!

Michelle Kwan completely captivates her reading audience with her geniunely honest, and uniquely compelling recount of her private and professional life. Though she does not let the audience into all her inner most self, her awesome ability to showcase a role model to people of all ages is very evident. Michelle takes the reader into her early life, family support, and rise to stardom within her sport of figure skating. She gives responsiblity for her career accolades in part to not only herself, but her family, her coach/choregrapher, her mentors: the Probst, and Tom Collins and his brother,and Brian Boitano. She reveals how it feels to win, and how she copes with disappoints. She shines within her openness and candor recounting how she inspires and motivates herself and then in so doing, inspires others to do the best one can. I recommend this book to people of all ages, and have donated this book to a local school library. I have read this book twice, and could not put it down until I finished. I own the hardback and paperback covers. Though the hardcover does not include her Olympic experience, the paperback does. This added section is short, and not as informative as I would like. But, it was written soon after her Olympic disappointment, and I am sure it was hard to write at that time. At least she gave her readers a glimpse of her experience. After reading these books, I conclude that, Michelle Kwan truly has the "Heart of a Champion", and has in turn become, the Champion of Hearts.

Great book about a great skater!

Michelle Kwan gives her view on her very busy, exciting, and active life as a phenomonal figure skater. Don't be put off about a 17yr. old writing an autobiography. I think anyone interesting desverves to write an "autobiography", in michelle's case, a story about her life so far. Buy this book!! It's great. I own it, my sister gave it to me since i'm a figure skater myself, and i've read it 21 times!

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