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Making Life Work

Making Life Work


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The world overflows with information, data and knowledge. But you find precious little wisdom. Wisdom is what you desperately need when faced with a challenge at work, a problem at home, a conflict with friends or a crisis within yourself. What factors are critical to achieving your life goals?How can you get a friendship back on track?Why is it so hard to trust God in problem situations?How can you make a difference in the marketplace?How should you respond to someone who is angry with you?What is the surprising result of helping others?How can you establish a sound financial foundation? To answer questions like these, you want wisdom--sound advice from someone you respect, someone who knows how to succeed and how to deal with failure, someone who sees clearly the consequences of different courses of action. That's what pastor Bill Hybels has found in the book of Proverbs, and that's what he offers to his congregation and now to you. Here is advice that has been tested for centuries and found true about how to put God's wisdom into action in your life. If you feel that there's nothing so rare as common sense, this book is for you!

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Great Book

This is a great book. I've read it several times and got something different out of it each time I read it. It's great for a small group, to go along with a study of Proverbs.

Can't say enough

Making life Works is a wonder book to go by for everyday living. Mr Hybels uses the proverbs for every aspect of life. Don't miss out on this wonderful read for living a chrisitan life

Making LIfe Work by: Bill Hybel (softcover addition)

This book outlines practical points from the book of Proverbs. I really enjoyed the examples, and many great points were made. This is also a good book for following within a small group.

The Complete Guide to the Book of Proverbs is more in-depth.

Bill Hybels picks 12 themes from the book of Proverbs and relates how he applies them in his own life and uses related verses from other books of the Bible to expound on those topics. It is an interesting discussion of practical highlights from Proverbs. For a more in-depth Biblical commentary on Proverbs which puts these ancient wise sayings in their historical context read THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO THE BOOK OF PROVERBS by Cody Jones. It features 6 translations in parallel to aid understanding and uses characters from the Bible to illustrate Solomon's witty observations on human nature.

A practical book for everyone, Christians and non-Christians

I've enjoyed reading Bill Hybels almost as much as listening to hear him speak. His insights on the book of Proverbs made me realize just how valuable this book in the Bible really is. As well as offering practical advice for daily Christian growth, this book is also understandable and forthright towards seekers as well. Great for discussing spirituality with your non-churched friends.

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