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Macho Nachos: 50 Toppings, Salsas, and Spreads for Irresistible Snacks and Light Meals

Macho Nachos: 50 Toppings, Salsas, and Spreads for Irresistible Snacks and Light Meals


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The nacho has universal appeal. It’s a finger food, it crunches, it’s Tex-Mex, it’s tasty. It’s quick and easy, yet it’s still satisfying. Anyone can make a good nacho. It’s casual enough to eat on the couch in front of the game, but it can be gussied up for any occasion: like hamburgers, pizza, and other wildly popular casual foods, nacho variations are vast, and techniques are important. That’s where Macho Nachos comes in handy, beginning with the fundamentals—what cooking vessel to use, what temperature, which cheeses and chips work best (and which really don’t), how to make cleanup easier, and how to avoid bad results (soggy on the one hand, burnt on the other). Then on to recipes: Speedy Nachos (the easiest recipes) such as Traditional Tex-Mex "Nacho’s Nachos"; Smoked Chicken, Roasted Peppers, and Asiago Cheese Nachos; and Nachos de Carnitas. Then there are Uptown Nachos, for those social situations when it might actually be necessary to tuck the shirt into the pants and perhaps entertain the fairer sex: Jamaican Rum Chicken Nachos; Popcorn Shrimp Baja Nachos; and Crabmeat and Spinach Nachos. There are even Breakfast and Dessert Nachos.And of course Macho Nachos is a rich source of homemade condiments—the pièce de resistance (if you will) of the well-appointed nacho—for those chefs too advanced to settle for a jar: from classic Pico de Gallo to Ginger-Watermelon Salsa, from Avocado Crema to Chipotle Mayonnaise, here’s everything you’d want to drip, drizzle, or pour over your macho nachos. Don’t leave the couch without it.

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Excellent one topic book

I own thousands of cookbooks, and this is one of the better one topic books I have run across. All the recipes are easily prepared with easy to find ingredients, and of the 10-12 I have made so far, all have been very tasty. This book will get you out of the typical beef and bean type nachos and into a new world of taste. A lot of the combinations also make excellent pizzas.

This book cooks!

I'm not a great cook but I thought I knew how to make nachos. Boy, was I wrong! The recipes in this book take nachos to levels I never dreamed of. Now I can make them not just as a snack but as a full meal. Even my girlfriend wonders where I suddenly learned how to cook.If you want to salivate, buy this book just for the photos.

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