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Lonely Planet Mongolia

Lonely Planet Mongolia


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Contains the only comprehensive guide to the country; fascinating historical, cultural and political background; special sections on gers and the nadaam festival; how to get around by horse, jeep, minivan, public transport and mountain bike; great accommodation options.

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You'll Be Lost Without

This is a great book offering really useful info such as phone numbers, maps, addresses, etc. It even featured a picture of my guide for my horse-trip when he was a wrestler. Amazing. Sure, the info is getting out of date but anyone who has been to Mongolia will know how impossible it is to keep up with the changes. And keeping in mind that Mongolians don't tend to adhere to strict schedules, you can't expect it to be perfect. My friend and I went, each carrying this book, and my only regret is that he gave one away. PS: When desperate for good food, you can always count on the Great Mongolian.


In the past year I have spent six months in rural Mongolia. There is not much choice of guidebooks in English and we are fortunate that Lonely Planet has put out a small book that nevertheless conveys an awful lot of really good information. My copy was in constant use. On my visits to Ulaan Baatar I found the guide to be indispensable. Practically everything worth visiting was listed and described. For a lot of western travellers, Mongolia will be a fairly daunting experience. The book identifies potential difficulties and suggests how to minimise problems. That being said, Mongolia is a great place to visit - fascinating coutry and wonderful people. If you are going to Mongolia, "Don't leave home without it!"

Pretty much your only choice....

This guide is pretty much your only choice when it comes to travel guides of Mongolia. Nevertheless, I found it helpful and up to date everytime I came to rely it during my time in Mongolia. Mongloia is indeed a huge country and this guide is small, but seemed complete and well researched and presented. Mongolia is indeed a remote place with little in the way of modern conveniences. This book is a good place to start when planning your trip or to find what you are looking for when you are on the road.

Just a note - reviews below do not apply to the new edition!

Note: the reviews posted below apply to the old (2001) edition of the Mongolia guide. This new edition (2005) is truly better in terms of content and usability compared to the old version. I will use it on my trip to Mongolia this year with confidence.

There is no better Guide to Mongolia (2nd Edition)

When you are the only game in town you don't have to be good to be noticed; however, this guide to Mongolia - is not only good, it is very good.Mongolia is one of the most remote and fastest changing destinations on earth and this guide highlights its unique characteristics. This updated edition contains the standard transportation and accommodations details, as well as, background information on the history, culture and 46 impressive maps. The practical information sections: books,films, newspapers, visas, customs, insurance etc. are very impressive. For those that are going to Mongolia there is no better guide.

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