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Lasagna Gardening for Small Spaces: A Layering System for Big Results in Small Gardens and Containers

Lasagna Gardening for Small Spaces: A Layering System for Big Results in Small Gardens and Containers


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Now - with Lasagna Gardening for Small Spaces - you can create the garden of your dreams, no matter how limited your growing space is. Pat Lanza's proven lasagna gardening method produces amazing results in pots and small plots. Even in beds just 4 inches wide, you can grow bountiful, beautiful gardens with no digging, no weeding-- no kidding!

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Lasagna Gardening For Small Spaces

Wonderful book. Simple useful ideas for small gardens. If you're going "green" this book is for you. After taking this book out of the library and putting many post-it notes on the pages, I decided I had to have it!!

No Problems - Excellent

The book arrived in a timely manor and was in great condition. No problems, I would buy again!

The book I've been searching for . . .

Finally, a gardening book that doesn't assume you have acres of land and a barn full of expensive equipment--or that you have the money to go out and buy them. For three years I've been limited to a small balcony, after having lived my life with a large garden. Instead of going through gardening withdrawals, I decided to fill some containers with soil and see what I could grow. I've learned a lot through trial and error, but I've also been on the lookout for a good gardening book that could give me some encouragement and some fresh ideas. "Lasagna Gardening for Small Spaces" is that book.I found Patricia Lanza's book to be extremely practical and down-to-earth. Even if you don't use her "lasagna" method to create your garden, you can still benefit from her advice about maximizing any small space you have to work with. The basic idea is if you don't have room to grow out, then grow up! And she's not just talking about flowers. She shows how easy it is to grow satisfying crops of just about any vegetable or fruit in tiny plots of land and containers. And she shows how to do it without spending any money. This book is peppered with ideas about how to use things we might consider to be trash as decorative containers, plant supports, and garden tools.I was especially impressed with the section on pests and disease. Not only does she explain organic remedies for pest and disease problems, she spends time describing simple, natural ways to prevent pests and diseases from even becoming a problem, including a list of plants that attract beneficial insects (so you don't have to spend money to buy eggs or larvae from a catalog).Perhaps what I am most grateful for in this book is its fearlessness. If the only space you have is a few containers on a balcony, Patricia Lanza doesn't tell you to buy some nice impatiens from the nursery--she tells you to grow an apple tree! If you've been discouraged by the typical container gardening book--you know, the kind that tells you to go out and buy a ridiculously expensive decorative pot and fill it with flashy annuals from the nursery--then give this book a try. Hopefully it will give you the courage to grow a satisfying garden--flowers, vegetables, and even fruits--with whatever space you have to work with, even just a few pots on a balcony, like I have.

Patricia Lanza is a Garden Goddess

I am forever grateful to Patricia Lanza for cutting my gardening time in half. By using her layering technique for all my containerveggies, flowers, fruits and herbs... I spend less time worrying about my plants and more time enjoying them. Her method issimple to apply to not only veggies and flowers, but also to houseplants. This book includes handy lists of easy-to-grow plants to grow in containers as well as endless amount of pointers. Be sure to check out her first book, Lasagna Gardening : A New Layering System for Bountiful Gardens if you'd like to grow a larger, more traditional garden.

Great Fun and so easy to do!

Here is a great book for all gardeners and can be used in a greenhouse too. Easy to understand and great pictures. See also "Secrets to a Successful Greenhouse and Business" for more wonderful ideas!

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