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iLife 08 Portable Genius

iLife 08 Portable Genius


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Mac users are passionate and loyal and these books capture that same feeling in pedagogy and series style. Titles in the Portable Genius series are not comprehensive; instead they aim to provide readers with the most accessible, useful information possible by giving readers tips and techniques for the most used features in a product or software. A handy smaller trim size makes it easy for readers to carry with them essential information on the hottest tips and tricks for their Mac. They'll find essential information coupled with savvy advice on everything from simple tasks like getting started, to intermediate information, and hip tips that cover how to use all the applications in iLife. As many iLife users initially find iMovie, GarageBand, and iWeb somewhat daunting, this book offers fast-moving coverage of the essentials of these applications as well as more advanced features.

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Concise, yet complete

This was exactly what I was looking for! Informative and easy to read, it addresses the basics of iLife, without the specificity of the PDF manual.

I Life 09

I use this book as reference to help me to find answers when I am stumped. It has helped me and has not let me down. I recommend it. Bill Brennan


I like this book a lot. In the past I have used the iLife series by Heid and always found his books helpful. When iLife 09 came on the market Heid still had not published so I went with iLife '09 Protable Genius. I am happy to report that it works perfectly for me and I will give Portable Genius consideration in other areas. I used it principally for iMovie and have not read the other chapters.

Excellent learning

I bought this because it was the first book published about ILife 09. I am a windows person that made the switch to a mac book and will never go back. This book is short and too the point with actual step by step processes. It is easy to understand and easy to learn. It is a great reference book.

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