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Ice: The Ultimate Disaster: Revised Edition

Ice: The Ultimate Disaster: Revised Edition


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Complete with a new, shocking Epilogue, this reissue of a cult classic explores Noone's prediction of impending doom--scheduled to occur on May 5, 2000, when Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn will be aligned with Earth for the first time in 6,000 years, causing the polar ice caps to melt and submerge large areas of the Earth. Illustrations.

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Completely amazing!

Not the book, the fact that you're reading this considering that the world has already ended!

In the spirit of the day...

This being the May 5th, 2000 so prominently presented in the title, I felt compelled, almost required, to read this book. Let me tell you, it is much more that I had expected. I am a fan of Michael Crichton, and I have to say that this is entirely on the level of Andromeda Strain or Terminal Man. The research done on this book seems exhausting and it makes for a good work of fiction.However, if you are looking for something telling you about the REAL end of the world, I wouldn't suggest turning to this book. However, for those of you looking for a good read, I would definately recommend it.


More scientific/religious data here than a christian scientologist! All concepts and related topics are covered here: The pyramids at Giza and their relation to the end, the freemasons, geographical evidence, beautiful diagrams, very easy to understand. This book freaked us out so much, we named our band 5/5/2000! Good job, Richard! I had no idea the book was so old!

Fascinating reading eliciting fear, curiosity and hope.

The book reads with the flow of fiction. It provides historical and sometimes mystical insights which point-to Armeggedon. The book was impossible to stop reading; it was a personal quest for what could happen and when. While you may not be totally convinced that the world will end (as we know it) on may 5, 2000 Mr Noone provides details and assumptions based upon the Bible, modern and ancient scientific views and archaelogical finds that will provide the intrigue of a great mystery. You may leave this book with complete disbelief, a desire to learn more or maybe even a stronger spirituality. You will not be bored.

Excellent choice for conspiracy seekers and the like.

I really enjoyed this book. It took me a week to completely absorb all of the material presented by the author. It exposed various theories on how the Great Pyramid at Giza might have been created as well as for what it might have been used (or still being used). I especially liked the way the author used interviews to get the research and information for the various theories, etc. I have recommended this book to several people and all have found it well documented, extremely informative, interesting from the onset, and well written

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