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Hypoglycemia: A Better Approach

Hypoglycemia: A Better Approach


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ARE YOU A VICTIM? Do you feel tired all the time? Do you have to have coffee, cola, or alcohol to get you through the day? Are you forgetful, indecisive, irritable? Do you suffer from insomnia, depression, headaches, trembling, drowsiness, crying spells, cold sweats, mental confusion, anxiety, dizziness, indigestion, allergies, obesity, craving for sweets, lack of sexual energy? You may be suffering from HYPOGLYCEMIA, one of the world's most frequently misdiagnosed diseases. Dr. Paavo Airola explains in this book what hypoglycemia is, how to know whether you have it, and how a simple, common-sense approach can completely eliminate symptoms of this "hidden" disease.

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This book saved me many years ago.

In college i was having all types of serious negative symptoms without explanation and they were getting worse. The doctors i saw misdiagnosed my problem even going so far as to have me try anti-convulsive meds. My aunt mentioned her son had similar symptoms and was diagnosed with hypoglycemia and she recommended this book. I then requested a glucose tolerance test and matched it to the samples in this book. Finally, a diagnosis and treatment approach! After following this book's guidelines on diet, supplements and lifestyle my symptoms disappeared or become minor and manageable allowing me to move forward with my life. i will always be grateful to this author and publisher for putting out a book that helped me regain control of my life at a crucial time. There are more recent books available but for me this book remains my reference.

This book saved my life!

I had gone to the Dr. to find out why I was not feeling well. He had no clue. I demanded a glucose tolerance test. After viewing the results he just told me to "watch it". Watch what??? I tried to get a diet from the dietitian at the hospital. She said I had to get a "diet prescription" from my Dr.! So I tried my OB-GYN. He gave me the high-protein diet. I lost 20# in one month and was very lethargic. Plus, my toddler daughter was beginning to develop breast tissue from all of the hormones in the meats we were consuming (another story!!)I wandered into a health food store one day and chatted with the proprietor who was an RN. She said "You must read this book!" I did and it saved my life. I have gone on to become a Certified Nutritionist and have recommended this book many, many times. It is hard to find though!!!

This book changed my life

I was told to obtain this book almost 20 years ago by a physician that was putting his job on the line by doing so. Now it is more common for a physician to consider natural means of healing.This book changed my life. I have been involved deeply in the field of nutrition and health for many years, and this book is still the best information on Hypoglycemia that I have ever encountered. After almost 20 years, I am still problem free from Hypoglycemia. I follow the general plan in the book as a daily practice and have seen remarkable results. My husband, who has eaten this way with me stopped needing glasses after only one year, and has never needed them again since.If you suspect hypoglycemia at all, this book is well worth the small investment. I recommend it with enthusiasm!

This book saved my life

I bought this book 20 years ago and am back for another copy. This book put my health on track when the doctors couldn't. It explains why you are sick and an easy method of fixing it including diet, minor excercise and vitamin & mineral supplements. THIS IS NOT A HIGH PROTEIN SOLUTION like most others. It is an easy to understand and follow NUTRITIONAL solution that really has saved my life.

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