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How to Sell Your Home Fast, for the Highest Price, in Any Market: From a Real Estate Insider Who Knows All the Tricks

How to Sell Your Home Fast, for the Highest Price, in Any Market: From a Real Estate Insider Who Knows All the Tricks


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A concise reference provides readers trying to sell their homes with hassle-free tips on why agents are the best way to go, how to use special sales techniques and props to entice buyers, and how to save money in the process.

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Do It Right the First Time!

In assessing this book, I draw on my experience as an attorney, real estate broker, and someone who sold a home for top dollar. Most people think about selling their home (or condo or co-op) as pretty simple if they liked the real estate agent. Just call up that person, and follow her or his advice. While that may work for some, for many it will not. Why? Well, agents who are really good at helping buyers are usually not as helpful to sellers. Those agents who you didn't like so much when you were buying may do a much better job for you as a seller. Also, no agent can know everything. You want to learn all of the best approaches, don't you? Mr. Eilers gives you frank, objective advice that can help you overcome any weaknesses your favorite agent may have. Also, if you are a good candidate to sell your own home, this book will tell you how. It will also give you advice for reducing your selling costs and getting a higher price. He has trained thousands of real estate agents, and in the process has learned a great deal from them which you will benefit from by reading this outstanding book. I wholeheartedly endorse his approach! The book takes you through helping to decide if you want to sell, how to handle buying a new place while you sell the existing home, deciding about agents, getting the house ready for sale, pricing, listing, showing, handling negotiations, and handling any problems that come up. Resources in the book include many forms and worksheets, other resources you can draw upon, and an extensive glossary to help you understand the terms that will be thrown around in the process. If you haven't sold a home recently, the rules are changing. Sellers often have to disclose and give warranties about hidden defects. The economy is probably in recession, unemployment is soaring, and the mood of buyers is sour in many areas. You will need to do a good job to get the best results. Also, realize that buyers come better prepared than ever before, even first-time buyers. I suggest you read 100 Questions Every First Time Home Buyer Should Ask by Ilyce R. Glink to help you understand how your purchaser will have been prepared to check your home and you out. Selling a home is no fun. You can let it get you down, and that will cost you time, effort, and money. Look upon it as a challenge, and as a well paying opportunity to do your best. In a tough market like this one, you will need to be on your toes if you want to have your sale go smoothly. Take pride and pleasure in selling your home in an effective, professional manner!

It Really Worked!

We needed all the help we could get to sell our home due to our not so good location. This book provided excellent suggestions, many of which we were able to utilize using very little money. It provided explanations and sample forms to help us understand the intricacies of real estate. We sold our home for full price two days after we listed it! Thank you

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