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Hard Green: Saving the Environment from the Environmentalists A Conservative Manifesto

Hard Green: Saving the Environment from the Environmentalists A Conservative Manifesto


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Hard Green, by conservative engineer-attorney Peter Huber, pulls off a neat trick: redefining the terms of discussion to win by default. Environmentalists will be surprised to learn that green rightfully refers only to conservation of wilderness lands--certainly a noble cause, and just about the only green issue likely to fire up traditional conservatives. Well worth reading by those of all political perspectives, Huber's writing is as clear and thorough as you'd expect from someone with his training. His assertions that shortages of fuel, food, and space for waste will be solved by ingenuity seem dazzlingly hopeful, but ultimately his arguments come down to faith. Much stronger are his discussions of privatizing pollution and wilderness protection, which should open eyes across the board. Moreover, his analysis of recycling programs and their ilk gives a much-needed kick in the pants to complacent types who think their garbage sorting is helping anything but their consciences. While it's unlikely to change the political Green movement, much less supplant it, Hard Green will certainly encourage thinking among the thoughtful--and that might be all we need. --Rob Lightner

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One of America's Leading Contrarians Has His Say

This book sets out a comprehensive conservative position on the environment, declaring that Hard Greens (conservative) share the large objectives (actual or merely claimed) of the Soft Greens (liberal), but disagree with and reject much of what they diagnose as the source of despoliation and environmental decay.Accordingly, Hard Greens reject most of the solutions that Soft Greens prescribe. Libertarian activist Huber takes on chapter by chapter the big issues of environmental discourse, from scarcity and pollution to efficiency and waste disposal. Hard Green is a strongly argued critique of environmentalism from the political right. Huber argues that Soft Green environmental policies do exactly the opposite of what they intend, and lays out a clear program for a Hard Green approach to the environment. By making you re-examine your assumptions, this book makes the richest contribution ever made to the greening of the political mind.This book is a must read for anyone who really cares about preserving the environment. The author has combined his knowledge of true science with a lawyer's logic to destroy old myths and chart new pathways to keeping the planet truly green.Peter William Huber (1952- ) is a Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute and a columnist for Forbes. He holds both a doctorate in engineering from MIT and a JD from the Harvard Law School. Huber's previous books include Liability and Galileo's Revenge.

I think Algore needs to take a look at this.

Al Gore wrote a book called "Earth in the Balance", where he talked about so many environmental issues. In Hard Green you'll find that what Al Gore left out of his book is what you need to know. Taking on the Environmentalists hard hitting arguments Huber dispels many of the commonly held "truths" and shows you that what you have heard and read isn't exactly the way it works.Huber is a very articulate and highly educated man with ideas that will take you into the 21st environmental millennium. Huber empowers the people with ideas that make common sense a reality and take all the mumble jumbo out of the liberal left and the power brokers in the environmental movement.Huber is convincing with his ideas about how our resources such as fuel, food, minerals and water are not running out but how they will last for a very long time. Huber presents a detailed look at how people are resourceful in finding alternatives for replacement of what they need.One of the most misunderstood ideas that the liberals' are constantly using is that the world is running out of natural resources, Huber on the other hand delves deep into this issue and shows that earth, like man, evolves and replenishes what it needs to sustain life and growth. Tackling other issues like global warming, pollution, saving national forests Huber completely blows holes in the liberal arguments. Also Huber tackles the issue of recycling and conserving and again makes the convincing argument, that what the left tells you isn't the complete story. Huber's book is the definitive conservative answer and for those truly concerned about the environment, this is the one book you really need to read.

Hard Green -- A Surprisingly Good Book

The issues addressed in this book gained popular attention with the publication of The Limits to Growth in 1972. Peter Huber begins by contrasting Theodore Roosevelt's concept of wilderness conservation with Al Gore's theory of a coming environmental "avalanche." Huber's assessment of the issues is incisive and the product of long deliberation by a very talented MIT engineering professor. Combined with his sophisticated knowledge of law, he writes analysis of the caliber that won Ronald Coase a Nobel Prize in economics. The reader is lead to a very convincing set of conclusions and gains confidence in reasonability. The material is suitable for either the environmental scientist with an advanced degree or the high school student wishing to read an informative and entertaining book. Peter Huber is such a good writer that no reader will wish to skip a single page.

Equal to his Orwell's Revenge or Posner's Affair of State

There are only two or three people who can think and write on new subjects like Peter Huber. Richard Posner and Andrew Ferguson, maybe. In the mid 1980s Huber rethought and led a quiet revolution in the law of suing people. In the late 1980s and early 1990s Huber rethought and led a quiet revolution in telecom law. Huber's newest book will be an affront to V.P. Gore supporters but should have a much larger and positive effect than Gore on environmentalism: people who love the outdoors and the environment will worry in a new way how best to protect it.I don't have time to read everything that looks interesting. This I read and recommend to others.

A tour de force

Logical and consistent, Peter Huber does not suffer fools on either side of the political spectrum. This is a remarkably balanced account of what's wrong with standard left environmentalism and what we should do about it.

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