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Halliwell's Filmgoer's Companion

Halliwell's Filmgoer's Companion


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A standard directory of actors, directors, and film technicians, this book has since been superseded by more detailed one-volume guides such as Ephraim Katz's The Film Encyclopedia. Still, Halliwell's Filmgoer's Companion--now in its 12th edition--continues to be updated and contains a number of special features the competition doesn't have. Most notable are its citations of quips by famous actors and directors (Errol Flynn: "My difficulty is trying to reconcile my gross habits with my net income"; Alfred Hitchcock: "The cinema is not a slice of life, it's a piece of cake"); its discussion of characters, events, and motifs as they play out in film history (e.g. Tarzan, The Gunfight at the OK Corral, "custard pies"); and its bestowing of special awards to the men and women who have produced significant work in the movies. The volume's appendices, which include guides to further reading, a brief history of the cinema, critical "best films" lists, complete notations of film festival prizes, and every Academy Award given through 1995 make it a terrific source of information.

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The Filmgoer's Companion.

I would say that this is certainly the flimgoer's encyclepidea to all things related to movies and the people involved in creating them. As far as knowlage about films goes. I would say this is impressive and is recommended to any serious film buffs out there.

New edition.

If you need a new edition of this work, try Halliwell's Who's Who in the Movies.

Could Be Better

Over the last 20 years (or so) I've sent corrective notes to Leslie Halliwell and the subsequent editor, John Walker. For the premiere film encyclopedia, the Filmgoers Companion still has lots of errors, missing information for supposedly complete filmographies, and many many unlisted film stars, especially from the "transition period" to talkies (Anita Page, etc.). Personally, I think Walker was a very bad choice; he doesn't seem to be "into" the encyclopedic format of this valuable resource.

The best compliation of movie facts and trivia ever

Halliwell's engaging encyclopedia of film is a treasure trove of information about everything relating to the movies, with exhaustive filmographies, delicious trivia, wonderful quotes, devilish quizzes, and the late critic's inimitable -- and sometimes charmingly eccentric enthusiasm. Warning -- you may dip into it to check one actor's credits, but will find yourself cross-referencing and just leafing through for hours.

Essential for film buffs

Halliwell's Companion makes all other film encyclopedias look superficial in comparison. It is essential for all film buffs who like to cross-reference info. The only minor quibble I have is that, as the BBC's film expert for decades, Halliwell naturally places a lot of emphasis on the British film industry -- at times to the point of making it seem as if it were as significant as Hollywood's contribution

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