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Girls Just Want to Have Funds: How to Spruce Up Your Money and Invest Like a Pro

Girls Just Want to Have Funds: How to Spruce Up Your Money and Invest Like a Pro


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Compared with sex and the end-of-season clearance rack, perhaps stocks and debt instruments are "boring abstractions," as Susannah Goodman acknowledges. But the former consumer advocate and daughter of Jerry Goodman, the host of TV's Adam Smith's Money World, is able to draw a clear connection between these boring abstractions and that "awesome house with plenty of windows, three dogs, three children, and one husband." Girls Just Want to Have Funds is her sassy but sensible, Oprah-style primer on financial planning for females. The book, it must be said, may set off alarm bells in women who don't need their finance feminized. But if you're not allergic to makeup metaphors and a strong dose of we-dumb-gals clichés, Goodman will prove money matters are understandable and help you formulate a simple plan for getting your financial house in order. Goodman starts off with the three things everyone must do to start building a "personal financial empire": save early, get a retirement plan, and open a Roth IRA. By the end, Goodman has explained how inflation shrinks money sitting in a checking account, where stocks and mutual funds come from, and how bonds work (and what those ratings mean). Also covered are how to think about immediate vs. long-term financial goals, how to cope with tax-time travails, what to do if you're interested in socially responsible investing (for those sporting ovaries and a concern about the environment), and why the stock market has mood swings. Clear examples, multiple-choice questions, and a lot of cheerleading make these concepts go down easily. You won't be investing like Warren Buffett after reading this book, despite what the author says, but if you're starting out as a Little Miss Muffet about money matters, you'll exit this book with your fear of finance tamed and under control. --Nina Mehta

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I wish this book was around when I was 20

...and sombody forced me to read it. When I was just out of school I just couldn't be bothered with investing. If I had a little extra cash, it didn't go to a 401k, it went to beer and cigarettes. After reading this book, I'm starting to realize how much that stuff cost me...Ouch, were those beer bottles made out of crystal! Anyway, this book puts many terms and concepts into language that's easy for me to understand. I would enthusiastically recommend this book to recent graduates and other blissfully ignorant people like me. I must admit, I used to be embarassed by how much I didn't know. What are bonds, cds, mutual funds, 401ks, etc., and I guess I had reason to be. Many of the other reviewers for this book would just be delighted to tell me how stupid I am. Let's lighten up ladies. Spread the love.

Fun, Funny, Info-Packed Book!

This is the most empowering guide to personal finance I've read. It's fun, readable and funny! All the stock broker terms like price/earnings ratio and tax-adjusted return are broken down into plain English. The best part is that I now know how to research stocks on the web. For all you tech-heads out there -- Goodman's book will show you why Cisco might still be a good buy.

down to earth style good for both women and men

I read this book after reading numerous other investing and money managment guides. I find that it is an informative introductory guide with a style appropriate for even those who are most averse to money matters. All of my women friends are getting a copy. My men friends are also enthusiatic about the book because it has such an easy to comprehend style. The author has done a great service for the beginning investor.

You MUST read this book!

If you're reading this review, then you must be interested in learning more about investing, or know someone who is. THIS IS THE BOOK YOU NEED. It is utterly readable and entertaining, AND tells you in a way that you can understand ALL you need to know about how and especially WHY to invest early. Give it to your girlfriends! Your sisters! Your mom!

Couldn't put it down--and neither could my office mates

I brought this book to the office, went into a meeting, and couldn't tear it out of the hands of my colleague once the meeting was over. Goodman's accessible style is contagious; she brings taxes and index funds to life with her entertaining (and very much tongue-in-cheek) analogies to all things stereotypically female. I laughed aloud throughout, and yet came out of the reading experience far more educated about financial management than I would after taking any seminar. The case studies and references are very informative, grounding the "basics" in a real-world context that any woman (or man) of the '00s can easily appreciate. This is the perfect introductory text for anyone--female OR male--who needs a basic, unintimidating, and HIGHLY ENTERTAINING demystification of the ins and outs of financial management.

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