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Geography: Realms, Regions, And Concepts

ISBN: 0470129050

Language: English

Publisher: Wiley

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Geography: Realms, Regions, And Concepts


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Now substantially revised and updated, the Thirteenth Edition of de Blij and Muller's Geography: Realms, Regions, and Concepts continues to deliver the authors' authoritative content, outstanding cartography, currency, and comprehensive coverage, in a technology-rich package. The text reflects major developments in the world as well as in the discipline, ranging from the collapse of Russia's Post-Soviet transformation to the impact of globalization and from the rise of Asia's Pacific Rim to the war in Iraq. Geography: Realms, Regions, and Concepts, 13e is available in 3 versions: * ISBN 978-0-470-25134-8: Geography: Realms, Regions, and Concepts, 13e, WileyPLUS Stand-alone version of de Blij 13e. * ISBN 978-0-470-28080-5: Geography: Realms, Regions, and Concepts, 13e, de Blij 13e with WileyPLUS. * ISBN 978-0-470-89665-5: Geography: Realms, Regions, and Concepts, 13e, Binder Ready Version of de Blij 13e.

Customer Reviews of Geography: Realms, Regions, And Concepts

A marvelous world regional text

This text makes teaching world regional geography a breeze, not only because of the well structured and knowledgeable approach to the material, but also because of the vast array of additional materials instructors can receive from the publisher. I used this text every year I taught the course and found it surprisingly modular. Each chapter allows the instructor to introduce a new geographic concept area (e.g. medical geography when discussing the African Continent). I can't imagine teaching World Regional Geography with any other text. Moreover, the writing is so good I can easily see people buying it just to have around the house when the news is on. Well worth the price.

Great Maps!

I had to use the book for a geography class. Didn't really read it a whole lot, but the maps are OUTSTANDING!!! Tons of maps, full color, really well detailed. If you are looking at it for a class, GET IT!!! The maps are great!

Good learning had a price, be it time and money!!

I just finished my college course "Geography of the World" using this book. Personally I found the 10th edition book very useful and entertaining. If you want to LEARN SOMETHING, get "edumacated" has one of my friends who graduated Sumna Cum Laude from Berkeley would say, buy this book. Pony up the money, bite the bullet and enjoy the reading.

This book is for knowledge and education, it is NOT for the slacker who complains because he has to read 10 pages of text every week for his GEO class. I agree that this book might be a little pricey BUT the quality is there. If you can't afford a new one, buy a used one. The book is very well structure and easy to understand, you get out of it what you put in reading it.

Very Impressed

Very impressed with the condition of the book for the price I gave. Needing the book for classes starting in less than a week- I was a little worried it wouldn't get to me in time... However, the book came only 2 days later. Very fast. Overall- very impressed!

An excellent introduction to the vast field of geography.

This is an excellent text tailored for the introductory geography student at the college level. This text infuses excitement with a wealth of knowledge for those being introduced to the field. It is also, however, a worthwhile reference for those who do not require extensive detail on any one geographic discipline or world region. The text is well written, includes excellent maps, and is more than suitable for introducing one to the 'world' of geography. As a college graduate who used this text in my course in world geography, I must say it was the perfect complement to a good instructor.

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