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Garden of Beasts

Garden of Beasts


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Jeffery Deaver's Garden of Beasts introduces anti-hero Paul Schumann, a notorious rubout man for the New York Mafia known for his cold and professional approach to his job. But the jig is up when he is duped by high-ranking feds who give him a choice--prison or one more impossible job: assassinate the man who's running Hitler's plan for rearming Germany. The hard-nosed German-American lands on the streets of Berlin where immediately the best-laid plans of the United States Government go awry. Schumman finds himself in a city living in fear, tracked by Berlin's best homicide detective. As the intricate chase wears on, both men will discover that the greatest evil is the ascendant Nazi party. Deaver's novel, equal parts noir thriller and historical extrapolation, is a page-turner that offers a twisting visceral experience of the tension in Berlin during that fateful summer. He draws sympathetic portraits of everyday Germans caught between duty to country and their consciences. Into this mix, Deaver drops his coldly dangerous hitman who brawls with brownshirts, chums with Olympic athletes, collaborates with criminals, fraternizes with poets, and discovers the hero inside his hardened soul. --Jeremy Pugh Interview When starting a new book by author Jeffery Deaver, expect to have the wool pulled over your eyes. His plots twist and turn and juke and jive like no others, never ending as expected and always including a jaw-dropping plot development. His latest effort, Garden of Beasts, is no exception. caught up with Deaver to discuss plotting, characters, and the perils of soap opera acting.

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Garden of Eden

This book, along with Follett's Pillars of the Earth, is my favorite read in a long time. Why? It's tightly written, suspenseful, believable, clever, fast paced, and enjoyable to read. I would challenge anyone who didn't enjoy this offering to submit the name of a better written novel. OK Schumann lacked charisma and the ending was a bit of a letdown. Notwithstanding these flaws, it was a nice ride.

What a fascinating novel!

Mr. Deaver says he does not like to ambush his readers especially those electing to buy his hard cover books. So he lets people know right off the bat that he's writing about Berlin in 1936. That may have turned some readers off. Pity. They missed an extraordinary book. Well let's see. Germany in 1936. You would have to be on Bill and Ted's Excellent Vacation or with Sean Penn at Ridgemont High to not realize that Armageddon was about to begin. So Mr. Deaver surmises, what about a plot not to assassinate Hitler (Tried that. Didn't work. Unfortunately.) but to assassinate his rearmament expert and throw the rebuilding of the Third Reich into chaos. This is a cross between William Diehl's brilliant "Eureka" and an Allan Furst novel. It's a great period piece and Deaver generously sprinkles innocent reminders for us throughout the book. Cars. Travel by ship. Newspapers. Clothing. Hats. Brands of cigarettes. Drinks. Hostesses. And of course the center of all this is Paul Schumann, a tough Humphrey Bogart like hit man who truly - corny as it sounds - is about to discover that there is something Homeric about him. Every great detective story needs a great cop and here it's Willi Kohl, hot on the heels of Paul Schumann, who also is about to discover the hero within. Great stuff. I hope Paul Schumann returns. 5 stars. Larry Scantlebury

Surprised me!

I was very wary when I got this when I realized it was NOT part of the teriffic Lincoln Rhyme series,,, am uneasy when an author leaves a great subject to branch out in a new direction: does anyone remember how utterly AWFUL Patricia Cornwell's Isle of Dogs was when she dropped Kay Scarpetta? This one started out sort of dull, but grabbed me when I got into it...I am in my seventies and old enough to relate to most of this. It is a great read!!!

It's 1936 - In Berlin, Germany - and You Are There!!!!!

I had come to expect a certain type of novel from this author (one that gives you trouble sleeping) and was delighted to find that he is much more than a one trick pony. In Garden of Beasts, Deaver takes us back to 1936 and I mean he takes us back. Edward R. Murrow used to have a television show, as I recall, entitled "You are There." in which the viewer was taken back to an historic event. Well, after reading this book, you will have a pretty clear picture of Germany in the days of the Hitler ascendancy. It is not a pretty picture. Paul Schumann, a NY mob hitman is given the choice of going to prison or traveling to Germany to asassinate one of Hitlers most important ministers. If he does so and makes his way out, he is promised money and a new life by our government. Shumann opts for a future which does not involve prison. Traveling as a reporter to the 1936 Olympics in Berlin, Schumann is not even off the boat before things start happening which complicate his life and his task. And it just keeps getting more complicated. Let Deaver take you by the hand as you traverse the Garden of Beasts. You will hate to put the book down, look forward to returning to the story and will appreciate the well thought out ending.


See storyline above. I have to say that this is one of my favorite Deaver novels. A superbly written thriller that will make you feel like you're actually in Berlin as Hitler comes to power before the war. The tension is high and the action is fast. I think that maybe Paul Schumann might make another appearance in the future, and I certainly welcome that. Highly recommended

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