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Fearless Creating (Inner Workbook.)

Fearless Creating (Inner Workbook.)


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Besides being a writer himself, Eric Maisel is a therapist with a practice centered around artists, writers and performers and has seen many of the demons that haunt the creative life firsthand. In this inventive workbook, he comes up with many exercises designed to help you blast through your own inertia and fear, to get you back to the typewriter, the easel, or on the stage where you belong.

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As a professor of creativity this has been 1 of 2 texts I have used for over 10 years.

I teach Creativity at a University so I am constantly on the lookout for new and improved texts to use in my courses. For over ten years I have used this same book because I have not found a better one. I give the students a choice between this and Julia Cameron The Artist's Way. The latter is more "spiritual" in tone ("inner" this and "within" that, and let your "higher self" speak, etc.) and Fearless Craeting is more "secular" ( the occasional PG swear word, painting naked, etc.) so they appeal to different types of students. They are still the 2 best books I know to actually enhance your creativity. (Nor have the authors in my opinions, surpassed them in their subsequent books.) The only drawback is that the student only have to pay $15.00 for this text. They are used to paying $95.00 so this can be upsetting to them.

Excellent, brave

I am impressed at Maisel's boldness of style and content. He is not afraid to probe the depths of the human tendency to make excuses, play it safe, take the easy way out. He offers tough-minded encouragement in overcoming these near-universal blocks to originality and creativity, in art and in life. The exercises are interesting and useful, although of course some will be more relevant than others for each individual practitioner. I wouldn't judge in advance which ones are best, though; sometimes the least appealing is the most needed. Not for those who find creativity easy and straight-forward (which often means they aren't pushing their limits, which is fine if that's how they want to play it), but they probably wouldn't buy it anyway.

Puts action in your creative traction

Maisel knows artists, whether they are writers, painters, dancers, musicians. And he knows what makes us tick, get stuck, frightened and give up. And he won't let us use a shred of an excuse. Thank goodness. Here is a book for the artist who wants to make meaning in life, work deep and see results. And while we are getting real, Maisel is there helping us plan, sell, and make money at it as well. Not for the faint of heart, or those who expect to be told that everything we do is wonderful and we are misunderstood. Wait, I take some of that back. This IS a book for the faint of heart, but not if you want to stay that way. This is a book for artists who are serious, who want to grow, who want to move forward every day. Maisel is never cruel, never patronizing, never so tough that you want to give up. This is a wonderful supportive book that makes you glad you decided NOT to make art your hobby while you got a "real" job. Maisel's book is filled with steps and exercises you can use for years, appreciating their flexibility as you do so.

a compelling book that is compassionate and forthright

Maisel's Fearless Creating articulates the stages of the creative process in a unique way that shows that he really understands what is in the heart and mind of creators. His exercises are to the point, useful, and sometimes very funny, but even more important than the exercises is the author's vision, which is clear and accurate. He doesn't mince words about the difficulties creators face, both from within and from without, which must have upset the last reviewer to such an extent that she couldn't continue past the introduction. Too bad. Although Maisel is honest, that honesty is a virtue and he also provides answers and real help in every chapter. This is a must-own book for people who create or who hope to create.

Best book on the creative process!

I've read many books on creativity and Eric Maisel describes it as no one else has. FEARLESS CREATING takes you through the steps of the creative process, predicts the typical anxieties and pitfalls, and offers specific suggestions to get past them. I especially liked his explanation for attending to your rhythms as your work and distinguishing between needed quiet time and using quiet to avoid the inevitable anxiety of creating. As an author, I found Maisel's principles and advice to resonate with my experience. Working on an outline for my next book as I read, I found the book inspirational and fun as well as reassuring. If you liked Julia Cameron's THE ARTIST'S WAY, you'll love this book as much as I did.I am recommending it to all my creative friends.

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