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Evolution (Comstock Book)

ISBN: 0801485940

Language: English

Publisher: Comstock Publishing Associates

Lowest Price: $3.59

Evolution (Comstock Book)


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Introducing the latest ideas on how life originated and diversified on earth, this new edition of a classic work provides a concise and engaging summary of modern evolutionary theory. The heavily illustrated book is intended for readers with little or no formal training in science and is an ideal introduction for students. Teachers of biology will also find the book a valuable reference text. Among the features of the second edition: * new chapters on neural evolution and gene evolution * explanations of the latest theories on the evolution of humans * extensive updates throughout, with emphasis on molecular evolution * many new or updated illustrations * comprehensive coverage, clear and concise presentation

Customer Reviews of Evolution (Comstock Book)

Good introduction to the subject

This is an excellent textbook-style introduction to its topic. Although a few of the more nuts-and-bolts chapters were pretty tough going for a Humanities guy like myself, overall the book is quite readable, amply illustrated, and very broad in its coverage. The topics include biological (heredity, genetics, mutation, selection) aspects of evolution, both in terms of internal mechanics and of large-scale case-studies, as well as political and religious considerations. It also includes an appendix with biographies of the major figures in evolutionary thought, a glossary, and a brief annotated bibliography. Although Richard Dawkins' _River out of Eden_ is shorter and more user-friendly, this is the most comprehensive brief introduction to the topic that I've seen.

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