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En Route to Global Occupation

ISBN: 0910311978

Language: English

Publisher: Huntington House Publishers

Lowest Price: $3.59

En Route to Global Occupation


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En Route to Global Occupation by Gary H. Kah (Paperback - 1996)

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Painstakingly documented - YOU MUST READ THIS BOOK!!!

Full of verifiable facts and references, this book documents the patient persistence of evil against God's creation. I urge reading your Bible DAILY for at least the time you spend on G. Kah's book. More than anything this book is a call for prayer, and faith that God is eternally more powerful "than he that is in the world" {1 John 4:4-6}. ONLY IF WE DO NOTHING will evil triumph. Thanks, Gary, for your caring and witness.

This book opened my eyes and changed my life forever!

I was born and raised in the Catholic church, was an alter boy and organized religous retreat programs for years, but not until I read this book did I realize what Christ did for us by His death and resurrection and what is really expected from me as a Christian. In addition, Gary Kah, once and for all, opened my eyes to the truths behind current world events and activities of world-wide organizations. I was so shocked by the contents of this book, that I dedicated hundreds of hours of my own time to independently research his sources (which are conveniently listed in the appendix). I was even more shocked when I discovered that everything he said was TRUTHFUL and VERIFIABLE! The deeper I dig, the more shocking it gets! Gary Kah's writing is only the catalyst for inciting a new awareness that all citizen's of the world must realize. READ THIS BOOK AND ENCOURAGE AS MANY OTHERS AS YOU CAN TO READ IT. Your time is limited!

One World, One Goverment, One God THINK!!!!!

Why on earth is there a new currency in the works that will be substantial in all countries? Why is there talks of uniting all of Europe? After reading this book I now know why. The bible does state we will live under a one world goverment for a brief time, I now know it is sooner then I ever expected. Be prepared!!!

An eye-opening documentary on the New World Order!

Please DON'T DELAY in purchasing this book. An eye-opening thriller. This book should shock you right out of your seat! This book contains the information that every American should have about the coming World Government and its hidden agenda. Will a world Government really bring peace to the planet? Who's behind the move? Written from a compelling Christian viewpoint with solid prophetical and biblical insight. If you ever had a doubt about the different forces at work in the World, get this book
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