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De vergangelijkheid

De vergangelijkheid


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Youth is the most sought-after elixir. As old age takes its toll people try to resist, anything is tried to keep decay and death at bay. Midas Dekkers argues that humans should accept decay in a similar manner to the changes of the seasons and the natural break-down process in plants. Decline is the clock by which we tell how far we have travelled; dissolution, not survival, is the norm; and old age is the fulfilment not the failure of our advancing years. Dekkers tries to challenge our most cherished beliefs in order to make us look at life with new eyes.

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Meandering black humor

My only semi-negative comment about this book is that if you're a person who expects/requires an essay writer to start with a thesis, prove it through argument and then return to it (i.e. have a point) you may find this book somewhat frustrating. I however am not one of those people and found Dekkers' morbid ramblings quite entertaining. (Especially when he goes on about rotten foods being delicacies and how his grandmother was an expert carrion-eater.) Recommended for goths. ;)

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