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Contracts in a Nutshell (Nutshell Series,)
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Contracts in a Nutshell (Nutshell Series,)


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ISBN: 031423814X
Release Date: June, 2000
Publisher: West Group
Description: Contract Formation; Restitution (Unjust Enrichment); Statute of Frauds: Contract Interpretation; Contract Modification; Defenses; Remedies; Performance; Third-Party Beneficiaries; Assignment of Rights and Delegation of Duties: Events That Excuse Performance; Discharge.
Book Details
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 031423814X
ISBN-13: 9780314238146
Publisher: West Group
Release Date:
Length: 644 Pages
Weight: 1.15 lbs.
Dimensions: 1.2 x 4.9 x 7.3 in.
Language: English
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Contracts in a Nutshell (Nutshell Series)
ISBN: 0314212019
Publisher: West Group
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Book Description
Book Details
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 0314212019
ISBN-13: 9780314212016
Publisher: West Group
Release Date: June, 1997
Length: 496 Pages
Weight: 0.45 lbs.
Dimensions: 1.0 x 4.3 x 7.3 in.
Language: English
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Customer Reviews

5 out of 5 stars5 out of 5 stars5 out of 5 stars5 out of 5 stars5 out of 5 starsComprehensive, Readable and Succinct
Posted by Anonymous on 10/19/2001
With the Nutshell series, it's hit and miss. Some are excellent, others mediocre, and some downright duds. The Contracts installment falls in the first category. Concepts are introduced and explained succinctly and coherently. The book also includes questions for each section and suggested answers. I found it very useful for reinforcing concepts discussed in class. Farnsworth's treatise was also helpful.
5 out of 5 stars5 out of 5 stars5 out of 5 stars5 out of 5 stars5 out of 5 starsA classic!
Posted by Anonymous on 8/3/1999
I bought this book during my first year of law school and was grateful for its clear, concise explanations and numerous examples. Since then, I have referred to Contracts in a Nutshell many times in the context of both academic and professional research. At present, I find that many excerpts are even suitable for teaching basic principles of contract law to students in non-law-related fields. But of course, its primary purpose remains dispelling the mysteries of contract law for 1st years and sweeping the cobwebs from the bar-taker's storeroom of legal knowledge.
5 out of 5 stars5 out of 5 stars5 out of 5 stars5 out of 5 stars5 out of 5 starsA Must Read!
Posted by JSR700 on 10/21/2004
This book is as simple as it gets. Contract law is one of the more complex subjects in law school. Any material that adds complexity to an already challenging subject has little value especially to 1L's and even bar candidates. Understanding the basics of the subject is crucial. That is why this book stands out from the rest. I have read the casebook, a hornbook in this jurisdiction as well as various textbooks in a foreign jurisdiction. "Contracts in a Nutshell" gives the simplest explanation of the law by far. It is a must read indeed!
5 out of 5 stars5 out of 5 stars5 out of 5 stars5 out of 5 stars5 out of 5 starsContracts by Schaber
Posted by Joseph S. Maresca on 6/1/2004
The book has an excellent presentation of the theory of contracts. The six main categories are described initially and explained in the ensuing text. These categories consist of:
1. Express contracts consisting of the standard offer-acceptance
and consideration trilogy
2. Implied in fact contracts distinguished by conduct rather than
by express words
3. Promissory estoppel referred to as detrimental reliance
4. Subsequent promises to perform pre-existing obligations
5. A minority theory of imposing liability based upon a subsequent promise to pay for material benefits previously conferred.
6. Implied in law quasi-contracts which are non-consensual obligations

The theory of an offer arouses an expectation in the mind of a
reasonable person. Such an expectation may create a power of
acceptance in the offeree. An offer must be sufficiently certain
to make any resulting agreement enforceable and damages calculable. The offer must be certain as to the parties, subject matter, price and time of performance. An offer in which the
offeror or offering party promises to do or not to do something in exchange for a promise by the offeree to act is an offer for
a bilateral or two-sided contract. Further details as to
bargained exchanges, the statute of frauds and a whole host
of complicating factors are set forth simply with a generous
sprinkling of stare decisis cases to illustrate the legal
points explained. The text will be helpful for law students,journalists, constitutional scholars and a whole host of
other constituencies in academe.

This text is a good supplement to the standard legal texts on contract law. It is well worth the price charged.

5 out of 5 stars5 out of 5 stars5 out of 5 stars5 out of 5 stars5 out of 5 starsHelpful and easy to understand
Posted by BCVA29 on 1/13/2008
I got this book halfway through the semester when I realized I didn't understand anything that was going on in my contracts class. It's easy to understand and very helpful. The sample questions at the back were really useful, too. I haven't gotten my exam grade back yet, but I'm positive that this book helped me get a better grade than I would have received without it.