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Blackout (Warner Forever)

Blackout (Warner Forever)


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A female black ops agent whose memory has been wipedclean is framed for the murder of the Deputy Director of the TerrorismControl Force - a man she doesn't remember knowing. As she tries tofigure out what happened to her she's pursued by the police, her ownagency and a mysterious watcher who may or may not believe in herinnocence.

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Black Out

I originally picked up this book because it won the RITA award for best romantic suspense. Wow, I can see why it did. This is the first book I have read by this author and I plan on reading more. You can't stop reading once you start it and the author does an excellent job making the reader relate to the heroine; knowing what it feels like to walk in her shoes. The romance between Margo and Jake was refreshing. This is not a lovey-dovey romance novel where the hero and heroine fall hopelessly in love and get engaged within a weeks time. Their relationship builds over time; given the situation that they are in. There is angst and emotional push and pull. The romance is realistic with the plot. The ending is also realistic. Some would argue it was not a happy ending, but I thought that it was and I would've been mad if it ended any other way. This novel kinda reminds me of the movie The Bourne Identity (with more romance, of course). Both stories keep you guessing and on the edge of your seat. If you like stories like that, you will like this book.

Blackout- A Joyfully Recommended Title

Margo Scott wakes up in the middle of the night, disoriented. She `s acting on autopilot, doing what feels right and normal, but she can't remember things, like her sister's phone number or where she's been for the past month. Frank Temple asked Jake Wise to go undercover and watch Margo. Frank is murdered before he can tell Jake why he's watching her though and now Jake wonders if Margo could be the one who killed him. Margo is desperate to figure out what happened to her life, the police suspect her of murdering Frank Temple and Jake keeps mysteriously appearing wherever she goes. The more she discovers, the more danger she is in and what she finds out isn't pretty. Now she's running for her life and Jake is running with her. Black Out had me on the edge of my seat from beginning to end; the action and suspense never let up. Along with non-stop excitement there is a sensual and moving romance between Jake and Margo. Jake is sexy and tough and he's great to and with Margo. Margo is a warrior; she amazed me. With a fantastic cast of characters and thrilling storyline Black Out is impossible to put down. Nannette reviewed for Joyfully Reviewed

Another Great Book by Annie Solomon

With the release of BLACKOUT, Annie Solomon continues to firmly define her place as one of today's top romantic suspense novelists. I have to admit that my favorite part of this book was the kick-butt, knife-wielding heroine, Margo. Even in the depth of her confusion over who she might be--murderer, federal agent, or innocent bookseller--she has a takes-no-prisoners attitude that makes her an enjoyable read. She's just tough enough to go it on her own, but human enough and smart enough to know when she does need help. Jake is the perfect partner in crime. He's strong, funny and nice. He's even man enough to admit to be impressed with her knife skills. The pacing, as always in a Solomon novel, is perfect. The material is fresh, and there are enough bad guys wandering through the book to make it interesting, but not so many that the plot becomes convoluted and implausible. Most importantly, though, this is a really enjoyable story, and readers should plan to finish it in one setting.

Like "Alias" only better

It's better than "Alias" because it makes sense. Margo Scott wakes up at midnight unable to remember the past month. But she has assassin-like skills and knowledge and is afraid of what she might be. Jake Wise is a government agent. He's taken a leave of absence to do a favor for his former boss and mentor, Frank Temple. Frank has Jake watching Margo but won't tell him why - it's a need to know thing. Jake decides to get to the bottom of it. He manages to "accidentally" meet Margo. When Frank is brutally murdered, the evidence points to Margo. She can't remember anything but thinks it's possible she did it . . . and did worse things. The worse things may be why ruthless assassins are trying to kill her. Jake and Margo form an uneasy alliance to uncover the truth. Great suspense, excellent action, complicated plot that comes together with a satisfying resolution, the characters made sense, sexual tension very well done and a hero to die for. I liked everything about this book.


Once again Annie Solomon turned out a book that doesn't let you put it down until the very last page. Every book is better than the last one and this one is the best.

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