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Beautiful Girlhood

Beautiful Girlhood


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What can be more beautiful than the budding and blossoming of girlhood? Those years of transition from childhood to womanhood are filled with wonderful interest and promise. But the young feet that travel this way may be unsteady and unsure. Each could use guidance, a helping hand along the way. To encourage our girls to a nobler life and truer ideals is the task of this book.

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Wonderful Truths to Lead Young Ladies to True Beauty

As a Christian apologist I encouraged both of my daughters to read this wonderful little volume. It's eloquent prose uses simple truths and profound imagery to influence young ladies to live a life towards God and His truth. Give this to your girls before they grow up unruly or are seduced by the allurements of the world. This book assists your girls not just to resist temptations and vain-glories by increasing their moral strength (it does do that), but it helps persuade them to desire to live for God and attain the beauty He provides within a faithful heart. Topics include: - Character building - The strength of obedience - The tongue - Ideals - Friends - Home life - Sunny disposition - Dreams - and more additional edifying subjects. I highly recommend that parents buy this book and guide their daughters in the topics discussed. by Michael Robinson, author of numerous apologetic books including: Kids Can Prove God Does Exist! Letter to an Atheist Nation: Presupositional Apologetics Responds To: Letter to a Christian

Wonderful book for teen and pre-teen girls

I bought this book for my 11 yr old daughter. I read it before I gave it to her and highly approve. I must add I am quite picky about what my children read. My daughter just loves the book and has read it many times. I have seen her refer to it when situations arise in daily life. I would also recommend this book for teenagers who desire to live for the Lord, as well as for women who didn't receive Godly training before marriage and children. What a wonderful resource this book is. If you are looking for truly Godly material for girls, this book is just wonderful. I only wish we could find more like this.


This is a wonderful book. I love it! I have read it many times. Yes, I can see some of the ways other girls might think that this book seems old, but the thing is girls today are not focused on Jesus, and becoming who He wants them to be. This book helps girls develope Godly character. I cannot see how obedience,truthfulness,and sincerity could be thought to not be based in the Bible. I am holding the book right now, it talks about how we should want what God wants for us, how we should be modest if not for our own sake then for the sake of pure minded boys, it talks of many other important things, it is a great book! This is a beautiful book and I highly recomend it!

Perfect for any mom & daughter who want to live for God.

This book, although worded in early 1900's-language, provides timeless guidelines for living a life that is pleasing to God. It brings young ladies out of the world back into Biblical principles and lifestyle. It has practical advice and makes you think about how you present yourself to the world, and how you represent Christ, and how you ARE the bride of Christ. I am a 14-year-old girl who really, really enjoyed this thought-provoking book. I plan to make my little sisters, future daughters and future granddaughters read it. Too many mothers today have been contaminated by the world and pass that on to their daughters, not realizing they are cheating their daughters out of living a life of modesty, of chastity, of purity, and of godly womanhood. If you are a mother, you would do very well to read this book, pray about it, then read it with your daughter and pray some more! If used correctly and with the reading of Scripture and the companion book, Beautiful Girlhood could change your life and the way you view your womanhood. "Being a woman doesn't change the kind of Christian I am, but being a Christian changes the kind of woman I am." Elisabeth Elliot (paraphrased-can't remember exact words! :)

Lovely and Sweet

I have a daughter in the throes of adolescence and have found that reading this charming book together is a wonderful way to strengthen the mother-daughter bonds. The short chapters encourage and inspire young girls to grow into lovely young women. It is deservedly a best selling title among home schoolers.

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