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A Guide to Japanese Hot Springs

A Guide to Japanese Hot Springs


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This text is a guide to over 160 of the best hot springs in Japan, from rock-lined river pools to luxurious resorts.

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the best for travelers to Japan

Covers all major hot springs in the regions of Japan.

You need this guidebook!

Hot springs, called Onsens in Japanese, are one of the greatest pleasures Japan has to offer. Due to its volcanic nature, the entire country is literally bubbling with thermal waters, and thousands of years of careful refinement has created a paradise of hot water soaking. Anyone coming to Japan should have a few onsens on their travel agenda, and a copy of "A Guide to Japanese Hot Springs" in their luggage. Anyone living in Japan should definitely have a copy on their bookshelf. Authors Anne Hotta and Yoko Ishiguro have divided Japan into regions, then highlighted some of the best onsens in that area. Each onsen is sub-classified by location, properties of the water (the different types of mineral waters each boast a healing power,) around and about detailing special information about the onsen and its area, close accommodations and a few extras such as local foods and legends surrounding the onsen. Although it was written in 1986, I have found the information to still be current, with all of the directions and accommodations still accurate. Of course, the prices have altered since then, but that is to be expected with every guidebook. Perhaps a good rule of thumb is to double every price in the book, for a more modern assessment. The only flaw in the guidebook is a lack of ranking, or recommendations. Onsens are only classified by area, and there is no quick method for sorting which are the best. A "10 Onsens worth planning your trip around" section, a star-system, or something of the sort, would have been appreciated. Also, the background and history of onsens is slim, and could have been a more interesting section. Overall, however, "A Guide to Japanese Hot Springs" is an indispensable book, and one that has greatly added to my time in Japan.

Hot hot hot springs ahhhh....

Despite it being written many years ago, the reviews and information on most of the springs are still true. I think I've visited about 11 of the springs mentioned in this book - and all were just as it said they would be. There are interesting stories about the springs, and what kind of waters they have (for example: water to make you youthful, water to promote pregnancy, or water to "invigorate"). The instructions on how to get there and where to stay are clear and easy to follow. I've never been lost on the way to any of these springs. I've read this book cover to cover several times, and then flicked back and forth as a reference. The hardest thing is deciding which of all the springs you want to visit - the authors make them all sound good by picking up points of interest about each one. If you like being lazy, soaking in hot water, having pummelling massages from heated waterfalls, eating and drinking until all you can do is drag yourself back into a hot tub...this book is essential for any trip to Japan. Enjoy reading it before you go - and then make a list of where to visit while you are there. The book itself is not too big, so it will fit in your bag to take along with you. I only gave 4 stars because I am waiting for a new edition to come out!

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