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666: The Final Warning

ISBN: 0962684112

Language: English

Publisher: Vision of the End Ministries

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666: The Final Warning


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Book by Blevins, Gary

Customer Reviews of 666: The Final Warning

At least he knows who Reagan is.

Many people hold to false assumptions about the prophecy of the two Beasts, aka the Antichrist and False Prophet. They use numerology, assume the AC must be a Jew, and or, come from Europe, and they expect a "talking image", something electronic etc. Yet these are merely assumptions, the prophecy makes no real mention of.

The book of Revelation chapter 13 speaks of how to identify the Antichrist, and the Second Beast who comes 'immediately' after him. Two men who lead as public figureheads, a world government, which will have control of all buying and selling world wide. The book of Daniel in the old testament, explains in detail how they gain control of the world economy. It says they do so by attacking and defeating, the oil rich nations of the Persian Gulf, beginning with Iraq.

Revelation chapter 13 identifies these two men, whom it refers to as the Two Beasts, the Antichrist, and the Second Beast or False Prophet. It states the Antichrist is a human man, with a great speaking ability. A man who is such a persuasive orator, you could call him The Great Communicator. It says also that the Antichrist is wounded mortally, while in the world spotlight, and the world is astonished that he yet lives to survive it.

Revelation then says that he would be followed immediately, by the Second Beast. The next guy in office who has "the same power and authority" which he had. It further mentions a rather interesting juxtaposition concerning the Antichrist's successor, as a man who has a kind and gentle image like a lamb, who yet talks like a dragon.

This Second Beast makes the world worship 'the image' of the Antichrist (Beast) who precedes him, and causes all who live upon the earth to receive the number of that man's name to buy or sell.

Then it says you just count the number of the first beast's name, and it sums out as 666. No numerology required. This is referred to as the mark of the Beast. I am sure you have heard of it.

There is only one significantly powerful man, in all of history, whose name sums out as 666, just by counting it. Now please just count the number of letters in this former US President's name. There are six letters in RONALD, six in WILSON and also six in REAGAN. 666

Reagan is the only 'world leader' in all of history to have a birth name like that. Ronald Wilson Reagan clearly was an 'image President'. The most popular in US history, he was and still is virtually worshiped by his many followers. It was his successor Bush senior, who used his CIA and BIG OIL connections to make him so popular, resulting in the virtual worship of Reagan's 'image'. I believe really Bush picked Reagan as a figurehead, because of his charisma and previously existing popularity.

Reagan was referred to by many, as The Great Communicator, for his notable eloquence.

Reagan was mortally wounded while in office, and he astonished the world when he survived it.

Reagan was also seceded immediately by a tough talking man, with a kind and gentle "lamby" image. George H. W. Bush Sr., who even ran on the platform of "a kinder gentler America", talked tough of war and then invaded Iraq, just as Daniel said he would. His son now carries on his policies at his direction.

Revelation also states that the second beast would have the power to call down fire from heaven. Bush and his son have been raining fire down all over the world. Their catch phrase should be, Bombs R Us.

Here is another thing you may not know.

Reagan, during his first term as President, immediately established diplomatic relations with The Vatican. This was in stark defiance of the Constitution, and that really upset allot of people if you recall.

Then Reagan expanded our Social Security number from 9 to 18 digits. If you don't believe me, look at any post Reagan era Social Security card. There are the usual 9 digits on the front, and an additional 'new' 9 digits on the back printed in red. You cannot legally have a job, or a bank account without it.

The US Federal government has long said that eventually we will have to go cash-less, and all transactions will then be by debit card. This is to counteract counterfeiting and terrorism they claim. By Federal law, enacted by Reagan during his Presidency, all Electronic Funds Transfer accounts, debit cards etc., must use your Social Security number as your account number. The digits are scrambled to protect your identity, but it is your Social Security number.

Surely in "response to terrorism", this plan shall move forth quickly.


666 The Final Warning

The talking image prophesied in Revelation ch. 13 is described very well by Gary Blevins. An electronic image for buying and selling featuring Reagan became one step closer today ... as the ex President is being proposed for the new 10 dollar bill. I suggest dusting off your old copies of the book or buying another ....

It's true, It's true, Ronald Reagan was and is the antichrist.

Jesus is back. Ronald Reagan was the antichrist. There will be money with his picture on it; the one dollar coin that goes into production in 2016. And there is a talking doll in the image and likeness of Ronald Reagan. There is a Masonic agenda in which a man is made into god. That is why Reagan was the first to take the oath of office facing the Washington monument. I am not sure of all of the details of the Masonic Christ, but to the extent that it is not common knowledge and hidden in the secrecies of the Lodge it can not be very productive.

"Let there be light." If the practices of the higher levels of Masonry are not anything to worry about it is time for them to come out of the Congress Courts, Cops, and Counselors of our land.

I mention all of this as Ronald Reagan was made an honorary 33rd degree Mason with all that entrails. As for Blevins claim that the Christ will return before 2000, I have to wonder where everyone was when I broke into Ronald Reagans home to bring the news that he was the antichrist. Anti as in the opposite of me. The Christ.

I have appeared on National Television several times and am a regular on the Howard Stern show. Wake up America!!! This IS your final warning.

Using money with Reagan's picture on it will send you to the lake of fire and brimstone, especially if you were hell bent on sending gays and others there. If I am lying I am dying. But if I'm not I plan on fulfilling the scripture as written. You are either with me or you are against me.

In order for you to make an informed decision I have published a book entitled Ronald Reagan: Image of the Beast which is available here at

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