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Justice on Earth: Earthjustice and the People It Has Served
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Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 1931498318
ISBN-13: 9781931498319
Publisher: Chelsea Green Publishing Company
Release Date: November, 2002
Length: 224 Pages
Weight: 3.15 pounds
Dimensions: 12.02 X 8.66 X 0.97 inches
Language: English

Justice on Earth: Earthjustice and the People It Has Served

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List Price: $43.99

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Customer Reviews

  About the endless battles to protect the Earth

Justice On Earth: Earthjustice And The People It Has Served by Tom Turner (Earthjustice Senior Editor) is a compelling collection of true stories about the endless battles to protect the earth from the depredations of big and small businesses. Illustrated with numerous full-color photographs, the informed and informative text recounts legal battles of the environmentally oriented Earthjustice legal organization, the centuries of history leading up to these often seminal litigations, as well as the very people and places that devoted public servants struggle to protect. Justice On Earth is a highly recommended addition to any personal, academic, or community library Environmental Issues reference collection or reading list.
  Lawyers and citizen volunteers working together

Courtroom drama has its place, but this book tells so much more of the story. Every conservation battle is a tale of people who became concerned about something bad that was about to happen to the land and water and air, in violation of our laws. If they were lucky, they had lawyers from Earthjustice to help take the issue to court. Tom Turner knows how to tell a story, and he delves into the fascinating details of ten such cases. Handsome photographs and drawing show what was at stake.

This book will interest readers who care about saving wild lands and defeating pollution. Its stories are full of ideas that can be used again, wherever the earth is threatened.
  Glorious photos and inspiring text

This is a coffee-table book you want to take to bed with you! The photos are stunning (as they were in the prequel, Wild by Law) but the stories are so compelling you can't put it down. The book details some of the struggles Earthjustice, the leading non-profit environmental law firm, has had fighting the good fight for civic groups, indigenous folks, and others unlucky enough to be caught in the crossfire when the bad guys try to do their nasty deeds. It reads like a detective novel, but better illustrated!