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A Treasure Worth Seeking
Stock image - cover art may vary
Format: Audio CD
ISBN: 1593559879
ISBN-13: 9781593559878
Publisher: Brilliance Audio
Release Date: November, 2005
Length: N/A
Weight: 14.4 ounces
Dimensions: 6.7 X 6.4 X 1 inches
Language: English

A Treasure Worth Seeking

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Customer Reviews
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Erin...After years of searching for the brother she'd never known, Erin O'Shea had finally found his San Francisco address. She stood on the doorstep, unaware that she was about to walk into a shocking drama of family lies - and to meet an intriguing, infuriating man who would change her life. Lance...He was a G-man for the gover...
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Customer Reviews

  Another winner!

I just recently discovered Sandra Brown. I had no idea what I was missing. I enjoyed this book very much. Just finished "Above and Beyond". Highly recommended!
  Enjoyable Read

I read this book some years ago and the fact that I can still remember the story line speaks to its memorability (if there's such a word). A nicely flowing story line fraught with sensual tension and the sizzling love scenes we expect from Sandra Brown. Not gripping, but an easy, relaxing novel.
  Not too bad...

A Treasure Worth Seeking finds it's way into the category of pretty good. Not every book can be the best, and as usual, people tend to forget that. This was one of Sandra Brown's books that was written before she became popular and was written under a pen name. Of course she has improved over time. That happens with everyone. It's the old practice makes perfect line.

This book was a good read. It's not anything heavy and it's not a book that's going to keep you up all night. It's only 256 pages long and the print is pretty large. This is a great book for a plane ride or while sitting on the beach. Sometimes you want to read something that's nice and light, and this book suits that.

Take the time and read this one. I don't think anyone will be really disappointed. I know I wasn't.

  A spicy treasure enhanced by audio.

Veteran narrator Joyce Bean spices A TREASURE WORTH SEEKING: a thought-provoking audio story of Erin, who has searched for the brother she'd never known and at last finds some clues to his whereabouts - only to find herself confronting family lies, secrets, and even new romance. Her love and discoveries about her family will shake her world and change her life in a moving romance which comes alive in audio under Bean's practiced voice.

I just read this book and absolutely loved it! It was a mystery and a love story that was full of passion. You'll fall in love with Erin O'Shea and Lance Barrett! The only sad part of this book is that it ends! If you love Karen Robards, you'll absolutely appreciate this one!