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Goodbye Is Not Forever
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Format: Paperback
ISBN: 1565072952
ISBN-13: 9781565072954
Publisher: Harvest House
Release Date: December, 1994
Length: 340 Pages
Weight: 12.64 ounces
Dimensions: 7.97 X 5.29 X 0.85 inches
Language: English

Goodbye Is Not Forever

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Customer Reviews
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This is the story of Amy, a seven year-old child. When she was a baby, the Soviet secret Police arrested her father. Then in WW II when the Third Reich invaded her small Russian village she was taken by to a labor camp. She and her mother survived. " This is a true story that serves as a vivid confirmation of God's never-ending g...
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Customer Reviews

  A most touching account of a child's life during WWII

I plan to recommend this book to everyone I know. Amy George's account of life in the Soviet Union during Stalin, and of living with her mother hand to mouth as a "war slave" under Hitler was extremely eye-opening. Her account of life in an extremely hostile environment reminds all of us fat, lazy and overly comfortable American Christians just how complacent we've become in taking our political and religious liberties (not to mention our enormous riches) for granted. Amy's account of her gradual introduction to God in the midst of her suffering, and of her eventual conversion to Christianity is most uplifting and inspiring. I thank Amy for writing this most touching and memorable autobiography. Read the book. You'll be most glad that you did.
  As Good As "Hiding Place" by Corrie Ten Boom

Finally, a WWII memoir on par with Ten Boom's immortal classic. I, too, heard about this book on the radio reading circle, and was absolutely enthralled by it - I had to get the book for myself, my family and friends. It's amazing how Amy George, in her seemingly simple narrative, captures the manifold emotions of a child caught in a war so powerfully that my heart was at my throat the whole time. Read it and then thank God for this book.
  Miracles are real. God is good.

If you have ever doubted that miracles happen to ordinary people, read this book. The story of Amy's life is one miracle after another. The greatest miracle is the joy and peace and love that radiate from Amy George. I've met her, and I can testify that her face shines with the joy of the Lord. She is a great lady. I had no idea that her history was so tragic until I was given a copy of this book, which I couldn't put down. Amy's story prompts me to praise Jesus for His goodness and mercy. I'm thankful to Amy for sharing her story; she has blessed my life.
  Outstanding story

Reading Goodbye Is Not Forever wasn't easy. As I flipped the pages one by one, tears would come down my cheeks. My husband and I were reading the book together. At times I had to let my husband continue the reading when it was still my turn to read since I couldn't anymore.

Having grown up in a communist country myself, for the first time in my life I was reading a story I could relate to. Amy's story, as she herself says, represents the untold stories of millions of people that suffered under communism and the Nazis.

Goodbye Is Not Forever is a book to be read by everyone because it speaks of God's unfailing love and faithfulness in the midst of suffering.

  Inspirational, shows the depth to God's love and mercy.

Amy and her family certainly came through much more adversity than your average immigrants would. The mighty mercy and depth of God's love is shown again and again in this poignant story. I found myself emotionally involved with this tender story from the start and felt as if I had known her family personally. This story could put a very different perspective on our daily struggles. Thank you Amy, for your courage and committment. B. Clyse