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Gods Little Devo Book/Teens
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Format: Mass Market Paperback
ISBN: 1562922114
ISBN-13: 9781562922115
Publisher: David C. Cook
Release Date: January, 1999
Length: 320 Pages
Weight: 6.4 ounces
Dimensions: 6.9 X 4.2 X 0.8 inches
Language: English

Gods Little Devo Book/Teens

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You're not yet an adult, but you're not really a kid anymore either. You may be twelve or thirteen and just beginning the teen years; fifteen or sixteen and about to get your driver's license; or seventeen or eighteen and about to graduate from high school. These are the years someone once called the "tween" years. In today's...
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Customer Reviews

  Its worth the money

This bok is really awesome. My favorite quote is " When you were born you cried and the world rejoiced, live your life in such a manner, that when you die, you rejoice and the world cries." It really makes you think. I love it!
  Fabulous lessons!

I received this book as an eighth grade graduation present. I read a little then, but stopped reading. Recently, I decided I wanted to further my religion studies outside of Sunday school, so I started reading. It is fabulous! There is a little title to describe that page's theme, then a short anecdote relating to the title, and a Bible verse to support it. The passages relate to everything in a teen's life. You can carry it everywhere, too; I took it to the hair stylist yesterday to read while I wait. It is succinct and clear; my only complaint is that there is not a sequel!
  Portable Inspiration

God's Little Devotional Book for Teens is an inspiring compilation of short stories intended to motivate the audience, specifically teenagers, to action in life towards striving for a better character and a closer relationship with God without really pushing the religious aspect of the book, which is appealing. This book is unconventional in its methods of incentive for a closer relationship with God because it does not over-emphasize man's humanness and sin; contrarily, this book highlights man's God-given goodness and potential. The stories involved mainly deal with unlikely people achieving "impossible" goals under daunting circumstances. Other stories also within the book have to deal with the qualities that define an admirable individual. Also, throughout the book are scattered noteworthy quotes and uplifting Bible verses that make a lasting impression. I feel that the book is enjoyable and encouraging, and although it is short, it effectively makes its purpose very evident and understandable.