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Button Button, Identification and Price Guide
Stock image - cover art may vary
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 0887404642
ISBN-13: 9780887404641
Publisher: Schiffer Pub Ltd
Release Date: March, 1993
Length: 160 Pages
Weight: 15.2 ounces
Dimensions: 8.8 X 5.9 X 0.6 inches
Language: English

Button Button, Identification and Price Guide

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This well-organized guide is recommended by the Button Society as a book that every button collector and dealer should own. The standard book in the field, it gives information to identify the age, material, and desirability of any button that may be found. It covers buttons of every imaginable type, price range and age. Its conv...
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Customer Reviews

  Great reference

I bought this for my mother who started collecting buttons that she was finding at yard sales and flea markets. She absolutely loved the book. It is very complete in terms of providing information on all sorts of materials and subject matters. There are lots of examples, great pictures, so you can compare your buttons with the ones shown to get an idea ofthewir history/origins as well s some pricing info. Definitely the best book I've come across for buttons as I was looking for this gift for my mom and she's gotten great use of it. (Now I get to hear from her about "oh and this button..... and that button..." It's fun :)
  Easy to use with great illustrations!

I needed to price and identify over 100 pounds of vintage buttons with very little background in the subject. This book taught me everything I need to know in a very short time. Excellent photos and examples. Highly recommended.
  Button, Button...

For a beginner, who knows nothing of buttons, I'm impressed with the depth of knowledge in this book. It's a must for collectors, or for those wanting to learn more about buttons.
  My favorite button book!

I have always been drawn to buttons, but didn't know very much about them. This book has very clear photos and descriptions. There are many "museum quality" buttons that are wonderful to see, but I was especially excited to see everyday buttons that I am more likely to find.