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The Hedgehog: An Owner's Guide to a Happy Healthy Pet
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Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 0876055013
ISBN-13: 9780876055014
Publisher: Howell Book House
Release Date: April, 1997
Length: 128 Pages
Weight: 9.92 ounces
Dimensions: 8.11 X 5.35 X 0.55 inches
Language: English

The Hedgehog: An Owner's Guide to a Happy Healthy Pet

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Hedgehogs are one of the hottest new pets around, and there's a lot of conflicting information about them. Here, a veteran hedgehog breeder, owner and advocate pairs with an exotic animals veterinarian to give first-time owners the help they need to share their homes with a hedgehog.

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Customer Reviews

  The best book available on the market.

Hedgehogs are still considered "fad" pets by many, and several of the books available on the market today reflect that by providing information that treats these charming, intelligent animals as disposable pets. Dawn's book systematically goes through most aspects of hedgehog care, speaking with expert knowledge and true affection for these animals. A novice hedgehog owner, or someone considering bringing one home for the first time, will get a lot of valuable information from this book.

I highly recommend.

  The Best!

Required reading for all hedgehog owners! This book was written by a successful, knowledgeable, hedgehog breeder and her vet. They know their stuff. The information is accurate, helpful and fun to read.
  There is much to learn before getting a hedgie...

The best book on HH I have seen. Read it before you get a hedgie. Highly readable, well edited, it covers the origins, description, choosing a HH, behaviors/personality/socializing/having fun with, health (sexually active at 7 weeks means that females can easily be pregnant if weanlings weren't kept separated) and feeding, even legal issues of ownership. Plenty of good color photos, and important details in sidebars so you won't miss them, make this well-organized, up-to-date book a must for your decision-making. The final two chapters list and give some description of recommended books and magazines, and list associations and mail order sources for food and supplies. Ms. Wrobel and Dr. Brown clearly love the little hedgehog and are informed and experienced. They also recommend Dennis Kelsey-Wood's titles: African Pygmy Hedgehogs As Your New Pet, and Hedgehogs Today. Breed if you must, use their list of resources, but the hedgie I own, love, and obtained through rescue should not have even been in the pet store; this book introduced me (fast) to the proper care of the hedgehog. If you add a HH to your happy home, you will probably end up maintaining mealworms in your 'frig ; afterall, HHs are insectivores and need "variety". Hedgies are grand (and sharp) (and nocturnal); try to be sure they are a right choice for you and your lifestyle.
  The Best!

Dawn's book was one that i happened upon while looking for information on having a hedgehog as a pet. As I did more research I found so many books available that have potentially deadly information in them.

I found several breederes in the USA that will not sell a hedgehog to a new person before they have read this book. It is an easy read, with good information. It also has very cute pictures. If you think you want a hedgehog, READ THIS BOOK FIRST!!

  Great for a beginner or for reference by the experienced

This is by far the most up to date book on hedgehogs I have seen yet. The book takes you through everything from what to look for when purchasing your new hedgie and preparing his home, to what to do in case of emergencies. There is an excellent section on hedgehog nutrition - much more in depth and up-to-date than most.