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Magic Eye Gallery: A Showing Of 88 Images
Stock image - cover art may vary
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 0836270444
ISBN-13: 9780836270440
Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing
Release Date: May, 1995
Length: 96 Pages
Weight: 1.06 pounds
Dimensions: 10.9 X 8.4 X 0.4 inches
Language: English

Magic Eye Gallery: A Showing Of 88 Images

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List Price: $20.98
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This paperback treasury is perfect for the insatiable Magic Eye fan. Its proportions are the same as the best-selling Magic Eye hardcover books, the paper is the same high-quality stock, but it contains three times as many images--88 in all! None of the images have ever appeared in book form before. It's a bargain that can't b...
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Customer Reviews

  you will be able to appreciate the power of 'splatter vision' practised by secret service agents, army snipers, fighter pilots!

Magic Eye Gallery: A Showing Of 88 Images
by N.E. Thing Enterprises

I am pleasantly surprised that this treasury of eighty-eight colourful random-dot stereograms is still around. The publisher is apparently the leading pioneer in this field. I thought the 'craze' had faded towards the end of the nineties.

Personally, I am also fascinated by random-dot stereograms. My first exposure to them happened when I attended the PhotoReading workshop in 1992 & then reading Andrew Kinsman's wonderful book, 'Random Dot Stereograms', about the same time. Besides books, I have also amassed a large collection of posters & post-cards in the same genre.

My personal stance towards random-dot stereograms is that they help to demonstrate the two specific phenomena of human perception i.e. binocular disparity & stereoscopic vision.

Although they are great fun to play with, I find them very educational in understanding - & appreciating - how the brain really works! In actuality, each of your two eye balls take in sensory data independently from each other. To see a random dot stereogram, your two eye balls must work together as a coordinated team to sustain a soft focus (or unfocused gaze). In other words, it takes two eye balls to tango!

For some people, random dot stereograms may be difficult to see (especially during the first attempt) when compared to conventional visual illusions found in 'Can You Believe Your Eyes' & 'Seeing Double' by J Richard Block respectively.

I often notice that many people can see the colourful random dot stereograms more readily than the black & white ones!

For your further visual entertainment, I would like to suggest the following collections, also published by N E Thing Enterprises:

- Magic Eye: A New Way of Looking at the World;
- Magic Eye Vol 2;
- Magic Eye Vol 3;
- Magic Eye: A New Bag of Tricks;

To conclude this review, I can only say that when you can readily see random dot stereograms, irrespective whether they are in colour or black & white, you will be able to understand & appreciate the power of 'splatter vision' practised by secret service agents, army snipers, fighter pilots, martial artists, fast readers, animal hunters & nature observers.
  An amazing book!

I loved this book. If you like illusions or you are just bored this is a good book for you.

I really love these books. I am fascinated by the technique used to get the 3-d affect. I have everyone out.
  Magic Eye Mania

This book is packed with more images than any other I own, and more vivid colors. I have a lot of favorite pictures, and I love that there are varying degrees of difficulty and depth so theres something for everyone in this book. My only regret is that I cant frame a couple of them as abstract art on my walls. If your looking for an all inclusive book of Magic Eye visual art, this is definately my top choice and top recommendation.
  A book worth purchasing!

We have many other Magic Eye books and this one was just as good, if not better! My husband loves these books! A great Christmas gift!!!!!!!!!!