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Kenneth Jay Lane: Faking It
Stock image - cover art may vary
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 0810935791
ISBN-13: 9780810935792
Publisher: Harry N. Abrams
Release Date: September, 1996
Length: 160 Pages
Weight: 6.1 pounds
Dimensions: 44 X 4 X 4 inches
Language: English

Kenneth Jay Lane: Faking It

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The American costume-jewellery designer, Kenneth Jay Lane, gives an account of his life and career. The book contains photographs of many of his creations, as well as accounts of his friendships with some of the celebrities who have worn them.


Customer Reviews

  Fun "coffee table" type book

I first saw this book in a gorgeous "tabletop" store in Bellevue, WA where I purchased some fabulous Kenneth Lane napkin rings -- bejeweled zebras. I really bought the book for the cover picture as immediately upon seeing it I determined I was going to make such a wreath for myself. I've been accumulating the glitziest pins and earrings I could find -- ON SALE and not Kenneth Lane ($)-- for several years and I think I have just about enough to assemble it -- mine will be on either black or dark red velvet. I love jewelry, real and costume, and Kenneth Lane's "costume" is gorgeous!
  "Faking It"

Received item in a timely manner. Book had many nicks and indentations on the hardback cover. Otherwise, content was in very good condition. Thought there would be more older celebrities in pictures wearing the jewelry, but not to big of a deal.
  Kenneth J. Lane: Faking It

I really like many of the designs that Kenneth J. Lane has produced over the years and loved having a reference book of all his different styles and periods. The prose is of a chatty style that I usually am not too fond of but Mr. Lane is so upbeat and aware of the good fortune that has blessed him that you can't help but like him. The photography is wonderful and it is fun to see photos of celebrities wearing his jewels. The book could have been stronger if it has an addendix of technical information about the creation of costume jewelry or had a reference as to current pricing of some of Mr. Lane's vintage pieces. But I had many a fun evening looking and reading and will definately keep this book available for several more readings.