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Winning Your Wife Back Before Itstoo Late
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Format: Paperback
ISBN: 0785260285
ISBN-13: 9780785260288
Publisher: W Publishing Group
Release Date: September, 2004
Length: 192 Pages
Weight: 7.2 ounces
Dimensions: 8.3 X 5.4 X 0.6 inches
Language: English

Winning Your Wife Back Before Itstoo Late

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Customer Reviews
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Each year more than five million couples separate in the United States and almost 1.2 million more couples divorce. While there are numerous books designed for the spouse who wants to separate or

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Customer Reviews

  AWESOME help for a man who needs EMERGENCY help.....

I had client whose wife was in the process of leaving him.... this book (since he followed EVERY step to the letter) helped him immeasurably -- he was able to WIN BACK the heart of his wife..... !!!!! I have no idea what the other reviews were reading but this book WORKS -- it is of course better to provide regular heart, romantic, loving 'maintenance' for your wife but if you have neglected her over some period of time, this book will help you restore relationship....
  A proactive approach to fixing your relationship

My wife recently left me and while I have read many book to see what I could do and what was wrong in our relationship this is the one book that gave me straight foward proactive advice on how to start to get my wife back into my life. I have read this book three time since I received it and learn new things every time. I also recommend "Love is a Decision" and "Hidden Keys" both by Gary Smalley. Read them both and allow Christ into your heart and live, He will help in your relationships. God Bless.
  Right Between the Eyes

She was gone. She loved me but.... now there was this new guy and they were talking wedding bells. I read this book and it laid out for me in simple terms what I had done wrong-and it was me. And what I needed to do and who I needed to be. Using football metaphors, Smalley listed the does and don'ts in simple concise language. He doesn't guarantee results in reconciliation but he does guarantee a better life. I've been around the block but boy did I learn alot about women in this book. When I faced up to what Smalley outlined and realized what I needed to do I called her. Her response was immediate and positive. Thank you, Gary Smalley.
  Changed our marriage!

Can a book really change a marriage? Yes, this book is so helpful and so practical. It is written for men to understand in a sports "language" much like Gary and Greg being my coach.
  Bulls Eye. **Give Gary Double 50 Points**

This is the perfect book for men that have in some way broken down there marraige with there wife. One thing, Follow it directly as Gary has outlined in this book, and you are almost 100% garentied to be back with your wife. I couldnt believe this book when I read it. it was so real and true to my situation. allthough, again do not read it unless you will follow it, I didnt and pushed my wife further away. DOnt waste your money, if you do not intend to follow the directions, gary sets out. Boy God still works through people writing these days. how true with Gary.