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Format: Mass Market Paperback
ISBN: 0671016768
ISBN-13: 9780671016760
Publisher: Pocket Books
Release Date: August, 1999
Length: 512 Pages
Weight: 9.6 ounces
Dimensions: 6.7 X 4.2 X 1.3 inches
Language: English


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(Avg. 4.7)
Customer Reviews
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List Price: $15.98
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With her acclaimed novels Harvest and Life Support, Tess Gerritsen has injected a powerful dose of adrenaline into the medical thriller. Now, in a new blockbuster, Gerritsen melds page-turning suspense with chilling realism as a small-town doctor races to unravel the roots of a violent outbreak -- before it destroys everything sh...
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Customer Reviews

  Bloodstream: Fast, thrilling, and fun!

I started reading medical thrillers a few years ago. I started with Michael Crichton, then onto Robin Cook and Michael Palmer. Tess Gerritsen has entered the rankings of a top medical thriller author. I love this book! The rural settings, the characters, and the plot come together for a riveting ride! I highly recommend this book!
  fabulous book!! I am sad that I read it so fast.

I have read Harvest and Life Support by Gerritsen, and I was anxiously waiting for this to be released. I was just as impressed with this novel as I was with her others. I love her medical thrillers and I can't wait for her next one. I have read a ton of books in this genre - Patricia Cornwall, Michael Palmer, Kathy Reichs, etc. - and Gerritsen is my favorite. If you haven't read anything from her yet, you will be in love with her writing once you do.
  Different from your average medical thriller

The reviews seem to be torn a bit. Some people really love this book, and some people really hate this book. However, the main reason that this happened is that this isn't your average medical thriller. It has some pretty violet scenes(teenager chewed off his thumb to get out of the handcuffs, later found dead) and other scenes not often found in medical thrillers. Most of the action here takes place OUTSIDE of a hospital. It doesn't deal with the corruption in the medical system. It doesn't deal with any of the clichés found in other medical thrillers. It deals with the clichés found in other horror-thriller books. Some people have been complaining that there is a certain lack of detail in the descriptions, that seem somewhat vague. Since I've read this book just after it's release in Mass Market Paperback, I cannot honestly say if that's true or not. One thing I can say is that the medical scenes ARE well described. The characters are very well written (truly three-dimensional characters, with flaws like real people)

If you're not sure wether to buy this book or not, read the first 6 pages of the book(somewhere, I don't know) and see if you can resist the temptation of reading the rest. I really loved this book, but I can't say that you will too, specially after seeing the reviews differing each other so much.

  What a really cool book!

Tess Gerritsen is a learning writer's writer. Any one who wishes to write for a living should read Mrs. Gerritsen. This author does everything right. From the opening pages of "Bloodstream", I was hooked! What a prologue Mrs. Gerritsen writes, if it doesn't hook you to this book nothing will.

I was first introduced to Mrs. Gerritsen through "Gravity" and was very surprised by just how good she is at her job. As a medical thriller writer, Tess Gerritsen is the best in my option. This author leaves the others in the dust.

In "Bloodstream", Mrs. Gerritsen is once again in top form. With well developed characters, which the reader will care about. Not just the "lead" characters, but all the characters. Any one who has ever moved to a new town will understand the problems that occur in trying to fit in with the population, especially in a small town. The author does a great job in plotting these problems into the story line. And using them to advance the plot. Yes, I will agree with one reviewer that there are a couple of loose ends. To me though these couple of things didn't matter to the plot. They just showed what was happening all over the town. "Bloodstream" is a very well written book, with a tight plot and very well developed characters. I really enjoyed reading this book and would recommend it highly to any one who likes a good mystery.


As someone who's read all of Ms. Gerritsen's romantic mysteries and medical thrillers, "Bloodstream" was a true thrill. This is the book I've been waiting for her to write, to show mainstream readers what she's capable of. I actually bought it last September, but put off reading it because I was worried about being disappointed again. I shouldn't have worried. Unlike the painfully predictable "Harvest" (apparently my review was so negative Amazon refused to post it) or the relentlessly depressing "Life Support," "Bloodstream" is a tense, engrossing read that never reveals too much of its hand and always keeps you on the edge of your seat. It never fails to shock, and the hospital scenes and science at its core give it a solid grounding in reality that's impossible to ignore. Real characters and understandable dilemmas add extra dimension to the tale. My only concern was that the ending was awfully abrupt (was I the only one who wanted to know what would happen to the town, the reaction of the townspeople, etc. after everything?), and yes, the worms were a bit much (why do parasites always turn out to look like worms?). For anyone looking for truly spine-tingling, can't-put-it-down escapist entertainment, this is the one for you. Ms. Gerritsen, welcome back.