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The Train (Point Horror)
Stock image - cover art may vary
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 0590551787
ISBN-13: 9780590551786
Publisher: Scholastic Point
Release Date: January, 1993
Length: 176 Pages
Weight: 3.52 ounces
Dimensions: 6.93 X 4.33 X 0.55 inches
Language: English

The Train (Point Horror)

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Customer Reviews

  "A one-way ticket... to terror."

Hannah Deaton--along with 29 other Parker High students and 2 chaperoning teachers--is expecting the August train tour from Chicago to San Francisco to be a lot of fun. However, there's just one distraction--a coffin is being transported in the baggage compartment of the train, and inside is the body of Frederick Roger Drummond, aka Frog, the late troublemaker at Parker High who recently died in a fiery automobile accident.

Shortly after departure, some students are mysteriously attacked, including Hannah who is knocked unconscious and placed in Frog's empty coffin. But where was Frog's body if not in the coffin? Accordingly, Hannah starts to believe Frog isn't dead, that he's instead seeking revenge on Hannah and her friends for being so mean to him last year.

I thought "The Train" was an all right book, but it's not my favorite; it's more of a 4 or 4 1/2-rating than a 5. The train setting was great though since I love trains, and the book vaguely reminded me of the cheesy 1980 horror flick starring Jamie Lee Curtis called "Terror Train". However, some scenes were somewhat drawn-out, like the one with Hannah locked in the coffin; and sometimes the characters were thinking far too slowly for the reader or reacted too predictably. Still, if you're into Point horror books and like Diane Hoh, then you'll probably like "The Train". For readers age 12 and up.

  The Train by Diane Hoh

This is a great book but you have to be ready for it. i went into it thinking that it would somr murder mystery (one of my favorite types of books) but i was totally suprised. it is a very scary, sad and emotional book. Hannah, the main character, is a very distressed and scared girl because trains scare her a lot, especially when going across country. But after her and her friend, Kerry, discover the coffin of their formeer peer whom they nicknamed Frog in the baggae car, everyone starts confessing to the horrible things that they did to him. and, it's not who you expect. that's all i'm going to say because i dont want to give away the ending. happy reading!
  A truly thrilling adventure!

This book was so well written, it's unbelievable. The story line always keeps you reading, and there was never a dull point. The storyline was basically: A lot of High-School kids were going on a trip, and they took the train. Hannah, Mack, Kerry and Lewis were all friends. Kerry took a huge bag, and the conductor put it in the luggage compartment; thus she has to go there to get her things! Hannah found a coffin there, and it was not just anyones coffin; it was Frog's. Frog was a scruffy boy who used to go to their school, and he died in a car accident. Everyone used to make fun of Frog, and he hated it. In the train everything turns nasty, and Louise, a girl gets strangled, Hannah is trapped in the coffin, Jean Marie; their friend was thrown off the train and killed, and Lewis was stabbed. It all starts getting too scary, when will it end??? Read the book to find out
  It was really creepy!

Hannah and her school friends were going on a trip to San Francisco bt train. One by one each of her friends were attacked. The Train was a thrilling story and was ended unexpectedly by the person who you least thought of would be behind the attacks of the pupils of Parker High School
  A really thrilling read!! I highly recommend this book!!

The beggining is good, when they first find out about the coffin and think their friend Frog is back from the dead for revenge, and then when Jean Marie gets killed and Hannah gets trapped in the coffin. . . Buy this book right now!!