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Prayers on My Pillow: Inspiration for Girls on the Threshold of Change
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Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 0345426738
ISBN-13: 9780345426734
Publisher: Ballantine Books
Release Date: November, 1998
Length: 240 Pages
Weight: 11.52 ounces
Dimensions: 6.81 X 5.71 X 0.84 inches
Language: English

Prayers on My Pillow: Inspiration for Girls on the Threshold of Change

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Inspiration for Girls on the Threshold of Change"Before I go to sleep each nightBefore I turn off every lightLet me put away my fearsLet me brush away the tears"The heartfelt prayers in this luminous volume were originally written for the comfort and inspiration of a twelve-year-old girl named Julia. The author of these prayers i...
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Customer Reviews

  A book brimming over with love and support for girls

I bought this book for my daughter who is 15 for Christmas. I started reading it and decided to give it to her immediately. Then I went out and bought five more copies for every teenage girl I knew. I can't describe what happens when you read this book of prayers. The prayers are like poems. They are all about having self confidence and courage and faith in yourself and in God. But the best part about these prayers is how they make you feel after you read one. It's as if the author words enter your heart and fill it with love. My daughter thanked me for this book three times. Buy this book for every woman and girl you know. Their lives and you will be the better for it.
  A terrific book for moms and daughters to read together

I am the mother of a ten year old and a fourteen year old girl. I bought Prayers On My Pillow two months ago. We are not a religious family, but I can tell you that both my girls love the poems in this book. We read them together at night. I feel closer to my daughters since buying them this book. I am buying this book as a Christmas present for all my nieces and my friends who have daughters.
  If you buy one book for your daughter, make it this one.

the poems in this book made me cry because they touched my heart. I bought this book for my daughter who is 12, but I read it for myself. The prayers on finding friends, being alone, being afraid, and feeling lost and confused are for everyone, not just girls. This book is like nothing I have ever read. Well, I've never written a review before, so maybe I sound too enthusiastic, but my daughter and I both read this book every night. If you ever felt lonely or worried that maybe God wasn't listening to you, get this book and keep it near you.
  A Real Source of Comfort and Encouragement for Girls

I purchased this book for 12 and 10 year old daughters. I thought that perhaps we could read a prayer each night as a devotion and that it would give us an opportunity to talk about issues in their lives. It has done that and more. My oldest daughter now refers to it frequently, whenever she needs a lift or a little extra encouragement. I also purchased the sequel and I rate it equally well. I have given this book as gifts to my daughter's friends for their 13th birthday, and they have all loved it.
  Inspirational and compassionate poems for girls and mothers

This book puts into words the feelings and problems of teenage girls in poetry that they can make their own. I bought my daughter who is 12 this book for Christmas. she loves it. The prayers are about all the every day things girls worry about like friends, grades, body shape and getting along with your family. This is her favorite gift from the holidays. I think mothers who are not sure how to talk to their daughters should buy this book and let it do the talking for them.