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Adobe Photoshop CS Classroom in a Book
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Format: Paperback
ISBN: 032119375X
ISBN-13: 9780321193759
Publisher: Adobe Press
Release Date: December, 2003
Length: 704 Pages
Weight: 2.85 pounds
Dimensions: 9.1 X 7.5 X 1.8 inches
Language: English

Adobe Photoshop CS Classroom in a Book

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Customer Reviews
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Photoshop is one of those programs that's so cool you just want to dive right in and start creating--but by plunging in head-first, without any guidance, you're likely to miss a lot. There's a solution: With this book, you learn by doing, getting your feet wet immediately as you progress through a series of hands-on projects t...
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Customer Reviews

  Great book for beginning and intermediate students!

I teach people who are not computer professionals to create palmcards and other outreach material. The material needs to be catchy for people to read it. I use this book to teach folks how to make great literature, and classes are much better with this book than any other. Professionals this book is NOT for you. It is not meant to be a guide where you have a problem and want a one-page discussion of a fix. That is what the Bible Series (Photoshop CS Bible) is for. Or on a easier level, what the Visual Quickstart Guide series is for. However, beginners and non-computer professionals cannot learn with books like this. They need books that teach all the tools and features systematically with fun, relevant projects. The projects in this book are grouped according to skill learned, ex. layers, masking, selection tools, and are fun. Sure color would be great, but my students could not afford this. Hell, they are constantly borrowing my copy because they can't even afford the black & white copy! The lessons are so fun students don't even know how much they are learning. I highly recommend this book for newer computer students, or non-professional students. Thanks you Adobe Creative Team!
  Adobe Photoshop CS Classroom in a Book (Classroom in a Book)

I have found this book to be a valuable resourse for teaching Photoshop CS to Graphic Design students. I could recomend it to anyone wishing to learn how to use Photoshop CS.
  Exciting, Excellent learning material

My most interesting class this term. The book is full of information and very helpful. You can teach yourself just off of reading this material.
Excellent buy.
  Works for me!

I'm not sure why other reviewers gave negative reviews - I think the classroom in a book is a great intro to Photoshop CS. I bought it, having zero experience with Photoshop, and in days I was manipulating photos in ways I never thought possible. My wife is working through the course now, and she's having similar results. I highly recommend this book to those who are new to Photoshop.

I will say, however, that you have to have at least a double digit IQ to be able to understand and follow the steps in the lessons...

  A powerful tutorial for a powerful program

The Adobe Creative Team consistently produces the most powerful tutorials for Adobe products, and their manual for Adobe Photoshop CS is no exception. They are always well organized with clearly explained, excellent, and practical excercises.

As a professional Photoshop trainer, I still rely on these manuals to bring me up to date on the newest features in new releases of the software. The learning experience is greatly enhanced by working through actual excercises and provides an understanding of how and when features can be used for a personal creative approach.

A word of warning-Photoshop is an extremely powerful program and both the software and the manual can be extremely overwhelming for those who have had little experience with computer graphics. Anyone wanting or needing to use Photoshop, but finding the self teaching approach daunting, I highly recommend some type of classroom training. But even in this setting Adobe Photoshop CS Classroom in a Book will provide an excellent source for the practical application of the program.