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Baseball in April and Other Stories
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Format: Paperback
ISBN: 0152025677
ISBN-13: 9780152025670
Publisher: HMH Books for Young Readers
Release Date: January, 2001
Length: 128 Pages
Weight: 4 ounces
Dimensions: 7.6 X 5 X 0.5 inches
Language: English

Baseball in April and Other Stories

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List Price: $10.98
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In this unique collection of short stories, the small events of daily life reveal big themes--love and friendship, youth and growing up, success and failure. Calling on his own experiences of growing up in California's Central Valley, poet Gary Soto brings to life the joys and pains of young people everywhere. The smart, tough, v...
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Customer Reviews

  A look at the spirit of children

Gary Soto reaches the soul of children and their day to day lives. My sixth graders in Minnesota were excied and drawn to all of the characters in his book and chose to keep reading. He touches the human spirit and stuggles so many have faced as middle school kids. Thumbs up and way to go Gary.
  Great storytelling

I discovered Gary Soto's poetry in a public library in Nebraska. Then I read his short stories, my favorite being "Baseball in April." Like his poetry, these stories are beautiful in that they reveal a child's inner thought life; they also show the challenges that teenagers go through.

Soto takes us back to his childhood in California. The stories occur in sunny Fresno, which is in the Central Valley. The characters, dilemmas, and emotions that he evokes are so real that I often read them over saying, "Yes, I remember feeling like that."

I mostly read adult literature but have been reading a lot in young adult literature, because I often forget what it was like to be a young boy. Soto has a gift for recalling these events and making them come alive again. I've read this collection three times and have read all of Soto's poetry. I hightly recommend "Baseball in April," as well as the poetry collection "Black Hair."

Also recommended: The Gospel of Arnie

I read this book with a group of 6th graders, and both they and I loved it. It tells real, funny, heartfelt tales about growing up that both adults and kids can relate to. It was so nice to find a book that won such a positive reaction from my students.
  Read this book, please.

It delivers a warm Mexican-American voice, and speaks to middle schoolers with great authenticity. My Mexican-American students who read this book have commented: "This book is about me, I can't believe how real it is." "Do you have more books by Gary Soto, I want to read them all." I never read a book like this before, it's so real."
  This is a must read!

I am a college student attending Northern Michigan University in the Elementary Education program. I have read quite a number of books this semester and this has to be my favorite. While at first I was not crazy about reading a book that featured Mexican-Americans, I soon erased any doubt I had about the book. This book was not only about Mexican-Americans, it was about every single child that has grown up in the last twenty years. Mr. Soto has truly captured what it is like to grow up. The book talks about riding bikes, talking to girls for the first time, spending time with your grandparents, not having to go on the family vacation for the first time, and wanting to take karate lesson because you saw how cool karate could be. If you have trouble remembering what it was like growing up, read this book and you will remember everything that ever happened to you as a child.
What this book really hits on is that children grow up and have that same hopes and dreams that every other child in the world has. As a future teacher I would recommend this book to every teacher. While the book may not hold a significant academic value, it definitely holds a strong social value for children. It allows children to see that other children are going through the same exact thing they are. I commend Mr. Soto for publishing such a fine book that looks at the world in the simplest of ways; through a child's eyes.