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A Beginner's Guide to Changing the World
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Format: Paperback
ISBN: 0060834528
ISBN-13: 9780060834524
Publisher: HarperOne
Release Date: June, 2006
Length: 384 Pages
Weight: 8.8 ounces
Dimensions: 7.8 X 5.2 X 1.1 inches
Language: English

A Beginner's Guide to Changing the World

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Tired of being an armchair activist, Isabel Losada decides to take matters into her own hands. From the streets of London to the temples of Dharamsala, in this adventure, Isabel falls in love with a monk, impersonates a member of the Chinese army, starts an activist organization, breaks the law, puts lives at risk (including h...
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Customer Reviews

  For Isabel, With Love

THis book has inspired me to be kind to others and to recognize the different layers of kindness. It has helped me to see strangers as people rather then shadows that bump into me on the subway. Also, by providing a lot of information about Tibet, you've also inspired me to find out more on my own. I love this book and have already recommended it to all of my friends and family. Enjoy!

  A must read!

Fascinating, funny and uplifting, this is an essential book for anyone who, like the author, has a deep desire to do something to change our world. It's a perfect example of how huge and daunting this task seems to be with the stubbornness of certain governments and endless complications, but that ultimately the most effective achievemnents come from the heart and require a bit of courage, daring and determination. It's also a comprehensible and interesting insight into the world of Tibetan Buddhism and Tibet itself, the very qualities of which (honesty, compassion and joyfulness) shine from each page. Isabel Losada is a true inspiration and example of how dedication,love, and a big ol' smile go a long, long way.
  Charming Adventure

I strongly suggest you to read this book. She happens to be your funny, adventurer, wisdom seeker friend who shares a charming journey with you.
  I loved this book!

I recently read 'For Tibet, with Love'...and LOVED it! It was posted to me by a wonderful friend in the uk, who just knew I'd adore it. I have a lot of Tibetan friends and have been lucky enough to visit places in India mentioned in 'For Tibet' transported me back...made me sad and angry at times...made me laugh with delight...and lifted my spirit and gave me hope. In fact it has inspired me to do something I feel is important but was avoiding because it felt too difficult. I love the way it is written, it was like listening to a dear friend share their story and journey, frustrations and dreams. I know its a book, but it feels more like a friendship. Its fabulous, I feel you'll be doing yourself a great service to buy and read this book!