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The Fellowship of the Ring (The Lord of the Rings, Part 1)
Stock image - cover art may vary
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 0618129030
ISBN-13: 9780618129034
Publisher: Mariner Books
Release Date: September, 2001
Length: 398 Pages
Weight: 1 pounds
Dimensions: 8.1 X 5.5 X 1.1 inches
Language: English

The Fellowship of the Ring (The Lord of the Rings, Part 1)

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Customer Reviews
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List Price: $15.99

Part one of The Lord of the Rings, now featuring film art on the cover.In ancient times the Rings of Power were crafted by the Elven-smiths, and Sauron, the Dark Lord, forged the One Ring, filling it with his own power so that he could rule all others. But the One Ring was taken from him, and though he sought it throughout Middle...
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Customer Reviews

  Even better than The Hobbit -- Inglis is a master!

In my review of Rob Inglis' reading of The Hobbit, I said it seemed to take me a little while to get into his vocalizations, even though I'm a big fan of audio books (especially those read by a British voice).

The Fellowship of the Ring, however, I fell in love with immediately. Rob Inglis' style is perfect for this book. He does the voices well and the story is far richer and more engrossing than that of The Hobbit. (Even though The Hobbit is delightful and unique in its own right.)

There really isn't much I can say about these Lord of the Rings audio books that hasn't already been said. This CD edition of The Fellowship of the Ring read by Shakespearean actor Rob Inglis is perfect for you if:

1. You love The Lord of the Rings
2. You're intrigued by all the pre-movie hype and you'd like to discover what Tolkien's book is really all about
3. You have a lot of drive time on your hands and you'd like to fill it with something entertaining and intelligent
4. You can't stand listening to insipid Top 40 or Talk Radio programs
5. You love listening to the British dialect
6. You just want to have a good time hearing one of the greatest novels ever written read to you by a professionally trained actor who makes each character come to life.

The sound quality on these CDs is, as it was on The Hobbit, superb. The recording level is perfect. The pace of the reading is just right. I'm about halfway through right now and I'm looking forward to every minute of it.

This edition is a very good value for the price.

  Viva Voce!

Writing yet another review of "The Fellowship" is a bit like adding icing to a thousand layer cake. No matter how well written, it is highly unlikely that I could add anything new to the richly deserved kudos that Tolkien's efforts have received in the decades since they first appeared. I have read and re-read these works countless times since I first encountered them when I was in high school, which was back sometime around the invention of fire.

I'm not going to even attempt to describe the contents of the volumes other than to state that it is the tale of a great journey and an even greater quest to free the world of a great horror. It shows how there is no such thing as the least or the greatest, and that all have terribly important tasks to do. Tolkien's tale combines fantasy within an ethical and moral framework to create a story that has value for every age group.

Over the years, my perception of the books has changed considerably. MY first few readings where in childlike (or hippy-like) wonder, and then, over the years, I have become more conscious of the works as literary efforts and some of the wonder has worn off. But even so one cannot but be amazed by the amount of scholarship and effort that went into making "The Lord of the Rings" an epic which deeply touches almost everyone who comes into contact with it. On the negative side, though, I found in my latest re-reading that the language seemed a bit more overblown and stilted than I remembered. Unfortunately, that one piece of the gloss had worn off a bit.

Recently, looking for some tapes to listen to during a long trip, I came upon this set, narrated by Rob Inglis. It was very nicely priced and just the right length. I decided to discover what it felt like to hear "The Lord of the Rings" instead of read it. It turned out to be a felicitous decision. The occasional over-formality of the written text seems to vanish when it is read. The tale takes on an entirely different flow, and I found myself much amazed by all the adventures and trials that the four hobbits faced. In a way, the spoken Ring is a completely different work.

Rob Inglis does a remarkable job of reading. He manages to produce enough different voices to keep the many speakers separate from each other. I think the reading would have benefited from having additional readers, but Inglis does a fine job nonetheless. Except, unfortunately, when he sings. As much as I enjoyed hearing the many songs of Tolkien for the first time, Rob Inglis is not a singer. He can carry a tune alright, but there is something just a bit unmusical about it. Not enough to detract from the total effect, but enough to cause a wince now and then. Even so, this was a surprisingly enjoyable experience. Recommended to all who seek a different experience of a wonderful old tale.

  Special Note on CD version

This is truly a wonderful story , But I was unsure of getting the cd over the audio tapes. I noticed that the tapes had the Unabridged version and the Cd version did not say if it was or not on all parts, so i took a chance and got the Cd version of each book. Thankfully the Cd version Is also Unabridged. So for those of you out there like me who might have been confused between the tapes and the Cd now you know they are the same.
  Finally a "real" unabridged recording of LOTR

I am not one who usually buys books-on-tape (or CD as in this case) but I have long wanted to obtain the Lord of the Rings so as to hear this incredible story over and over. After having read it several times, my book is in tatters and so I searched for an unabridged audio recording. Many of those that I have seen claim to be "unabridged" but the fact is that they are not complete! They give parts of the books in full but leave out many sections or chapters. This set by Rob Inglis is COMPLETE!!! It is very well read with no drastic voicing of characters. Characters are easily distinguished and thoroughly enjoyable. This set is not full of sound effects and music, so if you are looking for that this is not for you. However, I personally prefer the fact that this is not an over-production and is rather quite focussed on what I wanted in the first place, the characters and the story. Inglis does a marvelous job and I am very happy with this set. Again, not to harp on it but, this is a "complete" package well worth the money!!!
  Forget Harry Potter

What can I say that hasn't been said in the many, many other reviews? This book is absolutely fabulous. It's full of all the stuff a terriffic novel needs. The characters are complex and intriguing, the plot is fascinating and draws you in so you can hardly put it down. The history given for the world in which the books take place is so extremely detailed and believable, you start to wonder if Middle Earth exsists. Which brings me to another point- the setting is absolutely wonderful, I'd give anything to go to Middle Earth and explore.

Sure, it slows down in some spots (the infamous Council of Elrond chapter... ^_-), but for a story to work the plot must slow down in some parts for the author to explain things and put further events in the proper context. BTW, even if you haven't read The Hobbit, I think you'll follow this book along just fine. Bilbo's account (There and Back Again) is told in summary in the prologue.

After you read this book, I think you'll want to get one of those "Not all who wander are lost" bumper stickers for your car, too! ^_^