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Steal This Computer Book 2 : What They Won't Tell You About the Internet
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Format: Paperback
ISBN: 1886411425
ISBN-13: 9781886411425
Publisher: No Starch Press
Release Date: January, 2000
Length: 462 Pages
Weight: 1.65 pounds
Dimensions: 8.9 X 7 X 1 inches
Language: English

Steal This Computer Book 2 : What They Won't Tell You About the Internet

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Customer Reviews
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Here's a capsule review of Steal This Computer Book 2: Don't bother. It's a directory of sites, combined with background information (mostly at USA Today depth) about Internet security and online privacy issues. Its practical advice reflects little more than common sense ("The best way to prevent and cure a computer virus is ...
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Customer Reviews

  Don't go online without this book!

Reading through this book, I was somewhat amazed at the amount of things that go on in the online world, a lot of which people don't really talk about. And I was also glad I now knew more about it and knew what I could do to protect myself against some of it. While there are those that might be aghast that some of the information in this book is here (phone phreaking or "hacking somone's password," for example), I for one am glad it is here. I certainly would not ever use this information for malicious purposes and my feeling is the better informed you are about these and other online "borderline activities," the better you can protect yourself against them. I certainly feel much more informed about the so-called "darker side" of the 'net after reading this book.

Among the subjects Wang covers in this book are online censorship, sections about hackers and some of the things they do, lots of information about viruses (even how to write one and keeping your computer from being infected by one), hate groups online, "waging war against spam," and even a chapter on Trojan Horses ("Beware of Geeks Bearing Gifs!" Well, I always try to be). There's also excellent information in the book about buying a computer cheaply and where to find free software, or how to find someone via the 'Net.

If you spend any time at all online, you need to get this book.

  Great update to a landmark computer book

A great update to one of the great computer books--and one book that hackers love to hate. (Check out the reviews of the first edition.)

It's a very readable and very interesting overview of lots of underground hacker topics. The CD is a great addition with a very well-thought out and very complete selection of encryption software, security stuff, and so on. A real eye-opener.

Great read with lots of useful tools.

  A must have for anyone living around computers

This is just a book that was worth every cent. The amount of info in this book is a steal. Everyone should buy this book, technical or not. If you have ever used a computer period, get this book. Help yourselves by finding out about what is out on the internet and computers. Protect yourselves better with the wealth of info and be more resource full. I found things in this book that I have been looking for for months and things I realize could make my life easier. I recommend this book to every tech I work with and every non tech. Even non technical people got intranced by the book. I read the whole book in 1 day easy and still review it everyday when I am looking for stuff.
  Steal This Computer Book 2

The book is well written and the topics are profoundly researched. This makes the book elegible for someone new in the computer and cyber-environment. But also a seasoned practicioner should find several new hints while refreshing what he already knows. A lot of terrain is covered with few words. So don't steal this book as its price is realy reasonable!
  This is a very interesting book....

From the seasoned Sys Admin to the newbie hacker looking for information this book is quiet interesting. As you might guess by the title, there is a "Steal This Computer Book" original that's just as enticing. There's a lot going on with this book and it includes a cd-rom for even more hacking fun. Some of this information you'll find elsewhere but this format and the style of the book is pleasing. Don't get me wrong, there's a lot of information covered here and in the original. Some of it may sound familiar but most is unique or a unique take on something. If you've got or want to start a Hacker-Book collection, this book should be in it. Best Regards, turtlex.